Graphic title: Wallpapers.

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Vincent standing seemingly within a wall hanging of five tapestry-like panels. The panels depict the walk down the windy staircase and the candles lit above the Winterfest tables
Catherine turned with her back to the viewer, holding a candle, dressed in Winterfest finery, gazing into the dark distance. A full face illustration of Vincent, looking serious. Text reads: there is no darkness
A full-face portrait of Vincent, smiling slightly. To one side, a cathedral window quilt, with images of New York and BatB inside the centers of the quilt pieces (statue of liberty, taxis, spiral stairs, iron lion doorknockers, etc). Text reads: Winterfest
Vincent holding a lit lantern, behind him a snowy Central Park scene, a bench, at night. Text reads: Winterfest Guide
Catherine gazing out at one side. Behind her a night time vision of NYC. A lit candle burns in the foreground.. Text reads: Out of the darkness, into the light.
Catherine and Vincent standing together, both smiling. Catherine is wearing her bright red winter dress. Vincent has on his blue sweater. In the background, there is a wintry arched bridge in Central park. Text reads: Winterfest - and each of us grew stronger
Vincent smiles out from one side of the wallpaper. Behind him, a golden-light-lit New York City. Text reads: Winterfest - Below the city, a whole world
The background is the matte painting of the chamber of many levels of bridges. In the foreground, inside a stone archway, Catherine and Vincent smile at each other. Behind them is the Winterfest dance floor and others are dancing. Father is walking by, smiling! Text reads: Winterfest Wonderland
A dark blue night time vision of the drainage tunnel entrance in Central Park. It is surrounded by trees, a lighted lamppost, in the background city and urban visions, a faint subway sign, tall buildings. Text reads: Remember the way home.


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