Graphic title: Wallpapers.

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Vincent, behind him a spiral staircase, a fall of rose petals: Winterfest - a Candle calls us home
Catherine and Vincent with their heads together gazing on a snow covered tree in the Central Park woods, with lit candles affixed to its branches. Winterfest: share the light
B/W graphic. Vincent
Catherine and Vincent walk in a dark and magical, snowy woods, holding hands. Stars fall from the canopy all around them, the way before them lit magically. Text reads: Winterfest Magic - they shall have stars
A red and gold heart within a sparkly circle graphic. The text repeats top to bottom: Even the greatest darkness is nothing so long as we share the light. One part of the repeating text - Share the light - is larger and highlighted
a take-off on the New Yorker magazine covers. Catherine and Vincent walk together down the promenade in Central Park on a dark, snowy night. The text reads: The Under-New Yorker, Winterfest Edition. Feb 1-9, price: one candle
A dark balcony against a backdrop of stars, a huge moon rises in the sky, and in it, a pale reflection of Catherine. Stars and sparkles drift down. Text read: Winter Moon
At the top of the image, there
Vincent looking into the camera, superimposed on a backdrop of a tawny rose, a flickering Winterfest candle. A spray of stars drifts down. Text reads: Remember the Magic ... Always.


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