A Tapestry of Twenty-five Winter Moments from 1987

Prelude: Safe

by Zara Wilder


17 January 1987
Very Early Saturday Morning

You're safe. You're safe now. No one will hurt you. You're safe here.

It is the necessary beginning to any relationship we intend to nourish with love. Safety with one another fosters trust. Trust creates space for hope to grow. Hope opens the door to authentic love. And faith in the goodness and rightness of love gives us the strength to pass through hope's open doorway. You are safe with me, and I am safe with you, is the opening prelude to all other possibilities.

We gave this gift to each other, at our beginning. Not perfectly, for we had much to learn then, even as we still have much to learn now. I, Beast, shared my reluctance to reveal secrets to she, Beauty. There were reasons, important ones, yet she knew I hesitated to trust her for those few moments of evasive conversation. I, Beauty, betrayed he, Beast, attacking the terrible apparition I saw reflected in a makeshift mirror, terrified of his utter impossibility. The timing was not the best for our first face-to-face meeting, but what time would have been better?

These earliest obstacles tested our trust. But we found one another trustworthy. We have proceeded from there. We knew other challenges would come, and they have come, and we met them bravely. We shall meet the advent of each new voyage with courage and the desire to persevere through every danger. We hold this truth close between us: We are safe together. We protect this truth, as we protect each other. Out of our growing unity, we extend our protection and love to others, so that safety can grow, so that the reach of love can increase, so that the world can become more beautiful for everyone, one rescued heart at a time.

Tonight, we have protected two abused children, a brother and sister. We have shielded them from further harm and offered them a home where they can know love, and peace, and safety. The sister wondered if they were dreaming. We rejoiced in their sudden happiness, and in the achievement of our desires for them. Love fulfilled us, and we are grateful. We have passed this test. We stand here together in love with life and with the friendship we find in one another, triumphant. We cannot know what more will come in the days and nights ahead. But for now, we are complete. Together, we are beautiful. We are protectors. We are protected. A January midnight arrives in our borderland between Above and Below—and all is right with the world.


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