The Tunnelkin Tales

Every year for Winterfest, the tunnel children delight in making gifts for each other. This year, Mary suggested that they should pair up with each other to write stories and illustrate them, and they could give these little books as gifts to their friends. Zach thought this would be a good way of educating the new children who come to live in the tunnels about their new world’s history. Geoffrey said it would be neat for the children to have their own little library of tunnel books, “kind of like Father’s Study, but just for us kids.” Samantha couldn’t wait to start writing, wrapping, and reading these tales to the tunnelkins!


A child's crayon drawing of baby Vincent on a rocking horse.


“Baby Vincent on a Rocking Horse”
by Roisin


How Vincent Got Found
Written by Eric, Illustrated by Roisin, age 6

The Night Vincent Rescued Catherine
Written by Geoffrey, Illustrated by Alice, 13, and Dorothy, 10

The First Winterfest
Written by Samantha, Illustrated by Robin, 18



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