A pencil drawing of Vincent carrying Catherine in his arms.“The Night Vincent Found Catherine”

Written by Geoffrey
Illustrated by
Alice, 13 and Dorothy, 10


Once spring night, Vincent went for a walk Above in Central Park.

He saw something lying on the grass by the side of the road, and a big van was driving away from it fast. He heard someone groan. He watched and no one else was nearby, so he got closer.

Vincent could see it was a lady, and she was hurt very badly. He was the only one who could help her, so he picked her up and carried her Below.
A drawing of Vincent carrying Catherine below 
He helped Father fix her up, and he let her stay in his chamber while he took care of her. Vincent read her stories and fed her soup until she got better. Her name was Catherine, and she was beautiful.

While he was taking care of her, he fell in love with her!

But when Catherine got better, she had to go back Above. For a long, long time, Vincent used to walk all around the tunnels sad and grumpy because he missed her so much.

One night, he realized he couldn’t stay away any longer. He decided to take her a book they read together, and he climbed all the way up her building and onto her balcony. They read the book together again sitting way up there above the city.

Two images. Vincent on the left side, standing in the tunnels and looking sad. Catherine on the right side, looking out her apartment window and also looking sad. There is a red rose between the two images.

That’s probably when Catherine fell in love with Vincent, too.

It wasn’t always easy, but since then they found times to be together. Vincent would visit Catherine Above, and she came Below to see him. When she was in trouble, he rescued her, and she did the same thing whenever he needed help, too.

And now Vincent and Catherine live happily ever after!


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