“How Vincent Got Found”

Written by Eric
Illustrated by Roisin, age 6


It was the 12th of January, the coldest day of the year. The snow Above was as cold and bitter as the hearts of some Topsiders.

One of us was Up Top that night, looking for things thrown away by the World Above. She was in the alley behind St. Vincent’s Hospital. She’d had luck finding things there before. This time, though, she found more than she ever imagined she could.
A pencil drawing of little baby vincent all wrapped up in a black blanket 
She heard a soft, weak cry and looked inside a cardboard box. She moved aside some old rags and saw a pair of bright blue eyes blink up at her. He was the tiniest baby she’d ever seen. She looked all around and there wasn’t anybody there – whoever left him here was gone now, and she could tell that no one was coming back for him.

She covered him back up with the rags to try to keep him warm. She picked him up and carried him to the nearest tunnel entrance. She brought him to Father, who unwrapped him like he was a late Christmas present.

He called him Vincent, after the place where he was found.

Some people said they should take the strange baby back Above. He looked different. They didn’t understand him. They said, “We should take him back and leave him to the Topsiders. Let him be their problem, not ours.” But Father knew he was special.
A child's drawing of Father.  He has some red patches on his face. Maybe he's upset? 
Little Vincent cried. He cried and cried and cried. For three whole days and three whole nights, he cried. It broke the people’s hearts to listen to him, so sad, afraid and alone.

Maybe he looked different, but Vincent was really just a sick little baby. Even the people who started out afraid began to feel bad for him, and they took turns holding him and rocking him and feeding him.

Father took care of him the most. Father never gave up. On the fourth day, Vincent stopped crying. He slept and slept.

And when Vincent woke up, what do you think he did?

Baby Vincent smiled.

a child's drawing of baby Vincent in bed. He has a big grin on his face.












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