A Winterfest Vignette

by Lara Hoyle


Opening Ceremonies ...

The hall has been swept clean of dust and cobwebs, curtains and wall hangings washed and dried by Helpers and given back to those Below. William has been ensconced in his kitchen for weeks on end, tasting and testing different things he found most popular among the residents. Candles delivered by the older children and adults are being brought one by one as the Helpers Above gather at the windblown entrance to the Great Hall.

Catherine is there, on Vincent's arm; and soon they and the others are all within the darkened chamber,  one of the residents other than Father having led them into the chamber, floor studded with tables covered in multiple sorts of cloth with candle holders waiting for quite a few of the candlesticks. Everyone moves to sit where dimly sparkling candles briefly show name cards in front of various seats where the friends from Above and Below will take their places.

Father, Mary and others began the traditional words that open the feast . . . .




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