We Have Met Before

by Skippy Flink


We have met before,
Your face is known to me.
There is this strange feeling of foreknowledge.
If not this time, if not this place,
I have this familiarity with you.
Hearing your voice,
Seeing your movements,
Thoughts come back to me
Through cloudy mists of memory.
Sometime, somewhere - I have known you.
Another era, another world perhaps,
I have loved you.
My life, I have searched for you
Knowing one day you would be there.
Where or when is uncertain –
Nights my soul has cried out for you.
I have roamed this earth
Calling your name – hoping I would find you.
Then we meet,
It is you, I know it –
But fate has other ideas.
We must part –
It is not the time.
My wanderings are not yet over.
How long, my love,
Before I find you and
Feel your arms enfold me –
Knowing the magic that once we shared
Is ours yet again.


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