The Halls of Tomorrow  

by Skippy Flink


Through the halls of tomorrow
We all make our way.
It is true that we must
Leave the house of today
Behind us.

The halls of tomorrow
Lead to the corridors of years
That we have to traverse
Despite all the fears
Of each of us.

In the halls of tomorrow
We might even find,
Opening a door of chance,
That life can be kind
To some of us.

From the halls of tomorrow
Go passageways of time,
That wist and then turn
With no reason or rhyme,
Before us.

Maybe the halls of tomorrow
Hold fortune in life,
But there is always the risk
Of trouble and strife
To befall us.

Search the halls of tomorrow
For the portal of fate,
To seek out our future
Be it small or great
For any of us.

In the halls of tomorrow,
I will find you somewhere –
Help me unlock the door
Of the love we can share
Between us.


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