Anticipation, Exhilaration

by Catherine E.


So cold….so cold.
I lean over, trying to catch my breath.
Trying to catch myself.
The crashing of thunder matches the pounding of my heart
As I anticipate you here.
Cold rain drops roll down my back and send shivers through me.
I feel my skin rise as the cold rushes down on me from above.
The only warmth comforting me comes from within.
I close my eyes and glide my hands through my hair, pushing back the damp locks.
And the rain continues to beat down around me.
Running my fingers down the sides of my face, touching my lips,
I can feel the heat from your mouth on me.
My mind continues in passionate torment.
My hands glide slowly, smoothly down my chest, down my stomach.
Do I shiver against the cold? Or against you?
Lightning crashes and I let my eyelids open once again.
There you stand. 
And there I stand before you, exposed and vulnerable, waiting in anticipation.


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