Ode to a Muse

by Alyssa G.



Winterfest is nearly here
Everyone is bringing treats to share
Recipes, stories, pictures and more
made with love and patience galore!

I’d like to contribute
as everyone seems to…
I know – a poem!
That I can do.

Let’s see…”Love is…”
No, hmm…
What about “Friendship is…”
Oh, this just won’t do!”

Another paper crumbled,
dropped onto the floor.
It joined there all the failed ideas
that had come before.

I know – a story!
“Once upon a time…”
No, that’s too cliché
How about “It was a dark and stormy night”?
Sure…that will make their day.

A grumble, a groan,
A chair pushed back against the floor.
Young legs pacing…oh what shall I do?
I want to contribute to Winterfest, too!

I know! A drawing!
Of the Great Hall?
Maybe the Chamber of the Falls?

But, alas, more crumbling did ensue.
This isn’t right
this isn’t good.
Now what do I do?

‘Twas late at night indeed
when all heard a mighty roar.

When asked, “what’s wrong?”
“What’s with this mess on the floor?”
A young Vincent was heard to reply
My muse ran out the door!




Author’s note: During the week leading up to the WFOL 2014 deadline there was a great deal of discussion regarding muses and how to deal with them on the BBTV yahoogroup. This was a direct result of those comments, so my thanks go out to everyone on that list.  You guys are the best!


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