Matchmaker, Matchmaker

(to the tune of “matchmaker, Matchmaker” from “Fiddler on the Roof”)

by Alyssa G.


Matchmaker matchmaker get me a date
someone who is really first rate
Matchmaker matchmaker search through the night
and find me my Mr. Right

Matchmaker matchmaker I’ll bring the veil
you bring the hunk, with his long nails
Sharp pointed teeth and long hair are my dream
so bring me the guy for me

My Father, he wants a lawyer
My boss, he says, a down to earth guy
And me, well, what I really want
is a guy who can roar all through the night

Matchmaker matchmaker get me a guy
someone who is one of a kind
My balcony feels so very empty
so find me a love just for meĀ 


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