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~ Collages and Computer Art ~

Young Vincent with another with a lighted pumpkin overlay.
Childhood memories
of Halloween
Vincent and Catherine hugging overlaid with a winter scene and a lighted lantern.
Winter's Glow
Vincent and Catherine facing each other, holding hands overlaid with a collection of lighted candles
A single piece, divided into quarters, each with Vincent  in a different shade of color.
Vincent Pop Art
Catherine with her head on V's chest, huggingi in a woods
Forest Hug
A soft photoshopped screencapture of V and C before kissing in Orphans.
Vincent and Catherine

Three tiered shelf of books overlaid with Father's face.
Father's Books

~ Quotes & Wallpapers ~

Split piece, one side showing Catherine walking into  her building's entrance below and the other showing Vincent watching her walk away.  Quote: How could anyone not Love her?
A montage of screencaps of Devin with a collection of his quotes.
Vincent and Catherine facing each other with an overlay of the Brooklyn Bridge at night.  And extended version of the quote: "Catherine we are something that has never been." Catherine walking into the lighted entrance of her building Below with an overlay of Vincent to the side. " I have no place in her world, she has none in mine."
C and V facing each other, holding hands with a bouquet of roses. "Our time together is always measured...minutes...seconds.. Then we must learn to measure our lifetime in another way." A single piece, divided into three parts.  Top left, Catherine.  Top Right. Vincent.  Bottom half. Vincent and Catherine walking in a park setting from the dream in A Happy Life. "To surrender yourself completely to your heart, to trust in it fully, to believe in it without doubting. To let it guide your life." Two images, one of Catherine, one of Vincent and an extended version of the quote beginning, "Why does it sometimes seem that the world conspires to keep lovers apart?..."
Overhead view of Winterfest in the Great Hall with overlays of C & V in opposite corners with the quote, "Our bond endangers...everything. People I love, secrets I am sworn to keep, beliefs that I've lived by." Catherine with her head on V's chest, hugging him.  A collection of popular quotes. A montage of images, reading together on the balcony, laughing in the rain, Vincent clutching his chest Below with the quote, "She brings me...such joy...and such pain. As I have never known."

~ Tunnel Programming Collages ~
To see a video with the complete line-up of
Tunnel Programs, click HERE

"Devin's and Vincent's Childhood Adventures."  A montage of the youngsters. "Found Not Taken.  Neat Stuff Designed by Mouse."  Mouse sitting at his work table in his chamber. "Tunnel Vacay Guide"  Images of the Chamber of the Falls, Chamber of the Winds, the Winding Staircase and the Crystal Cavern
"Color out of the lines"  Montage of Olivia's Portrait and Kristoper "Shakespeare Theater" Shakespeare's theater overlaid with images of Vincent and Father

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