Vincent received a letter ...

Howdi, little Brother,

Lately I stayed a while in Germany and I've found my new destiny … COOKING! Yep, you've read right. Guess William would have plenty of fun with me; kidding! I still have to work on the Croûtons-colour.

Anyway, the German woman who tasted my first soup said it's jammy. She told me to forward the recipe to the tunnels because William is kinda in need of it. No clue how she knows.

A kiss to Chandler, hug the old man, and greetings to the rest! Miss ya! 



Potato Soup (English)

(für 1 Person)


1 Zwiebel
1 Knoblauchzehe
3 mittelgroße Kartoffeln
200 ml Gemüsebrühe
1 Scheibe Toastbrot
2 EL Mais
3 EL Milch
Salz, Cayennepfeffer, Öl


Zwiebeln, Knoblauch, Kartoffeln würfeln und in Öl anbraten. Gemüse-brühe dazu geben und 15 Minuten garen lassen.

Für die Croûtons das Toastbrot würfeln und in der Pfanne rösten.

Die Suppe pürieren, Milch und Mais zu Geben und kräftig abschmecken.  

             Mit Croûtons bestreut servieren.



Potato Soup, Peruan Style

(for 1 person)                    


1 onion                           
1 garlic clove                    
3 potatoes (middlelarge)     
200 ml vegetable stock            
1 round toast                     
2 tablespoons corn                
3 tablespoons milk                
Salt, cayenne pepper, oil         



Dice onion, garlic, potatoes and sauté in oil. 

Add vegetable stock and heat to the boil for 15 minutes.

For the croûtons, roast the toast very gently.

Mash the soup, add milk and corn, and flavour it spicy. 

Serve it with Croûtons!  

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