(As fish isn’t readily available in the tunnels,
smoked fish can be kept for a little longer.)


500 grams of smoked fish (cold smoked fish is best – gives a better flavour)
4 large potatoes, peeled, chopped, cooked and mashed.

Ingredients for Cheese Sauce:

2 oz  grated cheese  (Use a nice strong  cheddar)
2 tablespoons of butter
2 oz plain flour
½ pint of milk (possibly a little more)


Grease a square or round dish with about 2” sides.  Shake in some breadcrumbs to coat dish, and discard remainder.  Spoon in mashed potatoes and line dish, remembering to come up the sides and covering bottom of dish.  Set on one side until required.

Peel skin off the fish, remove any bones and discard.  Flake fish into small pieces.  Check for fine bones and remove. 

Melt butter in a saucepan over low heat, add flour and stir until combined.  This will look like a thick stodge. Pour in a LITTLE of the milk, and gradually add the rest of the milk a LITTLE at a time.  Mixing thoroughly each time. 

Place pan back onto a low heat, and stir continuously until sauce thickens to desired consistency. When ready add grated cheese and beat until smooth.

Add flaked fish and stir until combined, and pour into potato-lined dish.  Smooth over top of fish/cheese mixture.  Add extra grated cheese and breadcrumbs if desired. 

Cook in a low oven (240ºF) for about half an hour to warm through ready for tea.

If cheese is not desired, use a plain white sauce, and use chopped parsley instead.

Can be turned into a gluten-free recipe by using gluten-free flour, etc.


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