Samantha's Joyous Jelly Slice


(When Samantha persuades William to make this delicious slice, the youngest to the oldest residents in the tunnels just love it!!)

Ingredients for Base:

1 packet shortbread type biscuits, crushed (or could use graham cracker crumbs)
6 oz melted butter or margarine

Directions: Mix melted butter into crushed biscuits and then press into a greaseproof paper lined shallow tin (allowing extra paper to extend over edges of tin to grip, when taking out of tin)  It makes it easier to remove from tin when completely  set and finished.

Ingredients for Filling:

1 tin condensed milk
2 medium lemons – just need juice
1 dessertspoon of gelatine dissolved in ½ cup of hot water (125mls)

Directions: Mix all together until thick, pour over biscuit base.

Ingredients for Topping:

1 packet of red jelly mix

Directions: Make up jelly with boiling water as per instructions on packet.  When cool, but still pourable, pour over filling and biscuit base.  Leave to set.

Can be placed in refrigerator to set overnight, if you can wait that long!!
Remove from tin and place on flat board, cut into squares with a wet knife (makes it easier to cut) and ENJOY!!

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