Bacon and Egg Pie

Judith Nolan



3 sheets of pre-rolled flaky pastry
1 onion chopped finely
500 gms chopped bacon rindless
1 dozen eggs
pepper and salt to taste


Spray or wipe a deep pie dish (I use a round one, and I prefer to use glass) with a little olive oil or good cooking oil to prevent pie from sticking. Use 2 sheets of pastry to line the dish all the way to the edge with a small overlap.

Sprinkle half the onion and half the bacon over the bottom. Break in the dozen eggs, add pepper and salt.

Now you have 3 options here. Some people like to leave the eggs whole, some prefer to prick them slightly and mix them together a little, and some like to whip them around to combine. I prefer the 2nd option.

Moisten the edges of the pastry with a pastry brush and brush the mixture over the remaining sheet of pastry. Carefully place this 3rd sheet over the filling, seal the edges together well and trim to fit. I use the excess pastry to make shapes on the top. Brush all again.

Bake at 200ÂșC for approx 45 mins or until well risen and golden. I place a sheet of baking paper over the pie halfway through cooking to prevent too much browning.

Serve hot or cold.

Option: If you wish you can add sliced tomatoes and/or grated cheese beneath the lid before placing the final sheet of pastry over. Just be careful with the tomatoes because they create liquid.

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