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Elliot talking to Cleon

Question of the Day

We fans of Beauty and the Beast LOVE to discuss all the aspects of our favorite show.
And we all have our own opinions.
In this daily forum, we invite you to share your thoughts, on our Question for the Day.


Ninth Question: What was the scope of Vincent's feelings for Diana, and of hers for him? What evidence were we given in both cases?

Eighth Question: What direction do you think the show would have taken in the ten missing episodes to complete a full season?

Seventh Question: When did Moreno go corrupt? What evidence were we given?

Sixth Question: Could events have gone any different if Elliot had survived?

Fifth Question: How credible do you think it is that someone as obviously unstable as Gabriel could head such a big mafia organization?

Fourth Question: Would Vincent feel any different if Jacob had been a girl? What about if he looked like Vincent?

Third Question: We know the Doctor was killed, but what happened to the Nurse?

Second Question: Why did Joe feel he could trust Father - a complete stranger with such crucial information - without running at least a small investigation on him?

First Question: How do you think Vincent felt about Jacob's conception once he remembered?