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Vincent and Catherine talking to Eric.

Question of the Day

What do you think?

What was the scope of Vincent's feelings for Diana, and of hers for him? What evidence were we given in both cases?

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Emily     2/9/2014 10:42:27 PM
Yes, Diana is falling in love with him. You can see it by the way she looks at him, how she seems to understand him even without the Bond. Is it because she is very emphatic and intuitive like him? Is her heart ready for it, does she need to be healed first? I think she could love Vincent because I think they both share an understanding and a burden with one's darkness. And they both triumph over it. Could Vincent love her? Part of me thinks that there can be no one else but Catherine. Yet, part of me knows that one can have more than one love in one's life...they are not the same, but a sharing of souls no-the-less. I think it would taken Vincent longer to accept Diana's love seeing he had trouble accepting Catherine could completely love him. You can see how he opens up to her. But in time, I think Vincent and Diana could heal each other in different ways. Perhaps with love, would lead to a deep friendship, or a deep romance. Either way, I think they are meant in a different ways to have crossed paths.

T'Mara     2/9/2014 12:36:53 PM
Diana definitely is falling for Vincent line, hook and sinker. There are numerous signs for that: the way how she sounds envious of the bond in "Time to Heal", that she is breaking up with Mark almost at once after meeting Vincent, the conversation with her sister, the fact that she doesn't want more blood on his hands and kills Gabriel herself, etc. Vincent is harder to read, but there are signs of a certain attraction as well. I mean, he barely knows her and already tells her deeply private stuff like that he had a bond with Catherine. The fact that he actually listens to her when she chews him out after burning down the lab and agrees to do things her way by sending her the ring, the way how he gives her the grand tour of Below, proudly showing off his world to her as if hoping for her approval, and most importantly, the final scene of the two-parter. Oh yes, that woman is getting to him, and he lets her in in ways nobody else would be allowed to, but I doubt he is aware of the nature of his feelings for her - yet. He thinks it's friendship, and he will fight the growing attraction, feeling like he is betraying Catherine, but.... I don't think he'll ever forget Catherine, and his love for Diana will be different from the one he had for Catherine, but the seeds for future romance have been planted by the end of the series...

Sue     2/9/2014 9:15:24 AM
Vincent thinks of Diana as a close friend and is grateful to her for finding Jacob. Vincent is still grieving for Catherine and she will be always in his heat. I feel he will never love anyone but her. Diana feels something for him but she probably hasn't sorted out what she thinks thos feelings are. Given time she would realize that Vincent could never love her the way she wants.

M.     2/9/2014 9:02:00 AM
Vincent will take time to see the possibility of a new relationship but has not yet taken the time to really think about. Friendship faster than with some others as Diana speaks to a part of him that wasn`t first acknowledged by Cathy. Dianas ituitive feelings was soon searching out Vincent. But I think her Task is even greater as Cathys as their bond will not so easy come to live (if..)

Cordi     2/9/2014 7:08:40 AM
Diana hat sich verliebt in Vincent. Zunächst war es nur das Unbekannte, was sie angezogen hat, aber als Vincent sich ihr mehr geöffnet hat und sie sogar Jacob halten durfte, da konnte man es merken. Vincent fühlt sich in ihrer Nähe wohl, sie gibt ihm ein Gefühl von Geborgenheit, sie hat ihn akzeptiert, ist nicht vor ihm zurückgewichen, "Ruf des Herzens" war eine ganz starke Folge für diese Aspekte. Vincent hat in ihr eine enge Freundin gefunden, die allerdings - wie Catherine auch - für ihn durchs Feuer gehen würde, siehe "Heimkehr des Kindes" wo sie Gabriel erschießt. Aber egal wie eng ihre Beziehung zu den Tunnel und Vincent wird, SEIN Herz wird immer Catherine gehören; um ihr Andenken nicht zu beschmutzen wird er alleine bleiben. ---------- Diana has definitly a crush on Vincent, first it was the unknown but later, as he opened himself more to her and she could held Jacob it was obvious. "Time to heal" was a big part to that. Vincent has a close friend in her, who would do anything good to him, like shooting Gabriel in "Invictus". But whatever close this relation will become ... the place in his heart always belongs to Catherine and to honour her memory he will stay alone.

Walkingmiracle     2/9/2014 12:17:12 AM
I think Diana felt more for Vincent. At least in my head she does. I just watched the final two episodes and thought that she needed to back off a little bit. The way she looked at him and spoke to him, I think she is falling in love with him. Vincent could never truly love anyone but Catherine. He wants to have a close friendship with Diana. Maybe he thinks she would be a good motherly role model for Jacob, but she could never be his mother. His entire heart belongs to Catherine, so nothing and no one else could ever have Catherine's spot. He won't allow himself to fall in love with anyone except his son.

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