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Vincent and Catherine talking to Eric.

Question of the Day

What do you think?

What direction do you think the show would have taken in the ten missing episodes to complete a full season?

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underthepark     2/9/2014 3:21:33 PM
Eine normale Copserie, viel Gewalt und Tote - Lösung der Fälle mit Tunnelbeteiligung. A normal Copshow with more violence and death - but with the tunnelpeople occasionally helping solve the crime.

Rusty / RedNightBird     2/8/2014 8:44:39 PM
Even if they time-lapsed it to move forward 3-5 years I would have liked to have kept Elliot alive and have him working as a Helper. I would have found a Look alike actress to play Catherine and had a reunion. Diana could be the legs for Cathy's legal cases... CAGNEY & LACEY undergound!

Emily     2/8/2014 8:05:43 PM
I guess part of me would still hold out for a super twist and Catherine is really alive under FBI witness protection. But if that wouldn't happen. I see Vincent having to come to terms with Catherine's death still, and raising Jacob. Joe would become a Helper. Diana would bring injustice to light and try to fix it, might like Catherine. I do see Diana falling in love with Vincent, but Vincent not being able to return it. The arc for the last bit of the season would be Diana coming to terms with that and trying to find her heart in another way. I really loved her character. Like a pre-cursor to Detective Goren on Law & Order. I think she has her own demons to fight and Vincent's belief and faith in her will help her heal.

LKS     2/8/2014 12:13:57 PM
I think Joe and Jenny would have been introduced to the tunnels. They could become good friends with Vincent. I don't think Diana and Vincent would be any more than good friends. Just didn't feel the connection between them as you did with him and Catherine. Vincent would be occupied with raising Jacob and coming to terms with his loss of Catherine but never getting over it.

M.     2/8/2014 9:33:41 AM
I don`t mean Diana as bad but not the only one who could be.

M.     2/8/2014 9:27:49 AM
I think that there was possibilities to guests like Devin or Charles seeing Jacob. Or Lena with her Cathy.Sure some crimes, but that was with Cathy too. Poor people will come to the tunnels. And Eliot ? Perhaps some writers have something to do for him too. Cathy is dead , but sometimes people can come back in memory episodes as Vincent tell jacob of his mothers courage , her live and trust. And Jenny is even a possibilty surely not as bad as Diana and with her Job of books ... It was much possible. Imagination was and is importent there and here!

T'Mara     2/8/2014 8:41:06 AM
I think there would have been more crimes to be solved, with Diana now the link between the forces Above(Joe) and Below (Vincent). Diana and Vincent would have become close, though I guess it would not have dawned on him just how much she means to him until at least season 6 or 7... We would have seen Jacob grow up, and I suspect Diana would have taken him for a walk etc. on occasion. Vincent would want his son to know Catherine's world and who better to show the boy around than the woman who helped rescue him from Gabriel and brought him home? After a while Jacob would see her as a mother figure just like Mary is for Vincent. Father would shake his head at his son's inability to realize that Diana is his future while being equally blind to Mary's affections for him. Diana and Mary would become great friends since each understands the other's problem with her own Wells-man. Maybe Laura would be more prominent since they brought her back for both, the funeral and the naming ceremony.

Cordi     2/8/2014 8:18:29 AM
Good question and not easy to answer. There are lots of possibilities which could have made a 4th season possible too. We had seen Jacob grown up, to 'learn' his father; Diana would have become a helper and to took over Catherines duties in that - maybe a closer friend to Vincent too, but she hadn't took the place in his heart. Joe, I guess had been "trapped" in the dark for longer. Maybe Father had tried to build a live above, could have been a chance for little Jacob then to get in touch with the world above and maybe a chance for Joe to step in. Honestly there are a lot of other things/character that could have been looked closer too ...f.e. a 2nd Halloween with little Jacob. WE fans have stuff for more than 10 episodes - sadly no one asked. ----------- UUuups ... falsches deutsches Wort, Staffeln sollte natürlich Episoden sein, aber wir haben mittlerweile auch genug Stoff für 10 Staffeln. :D

Cordi     2/8/2014 7:59:28 AM
Das ist eine gute und schwere Frage ... Möglichkeiten gibt es viele, zumal ja auch bei einer vollständigen 3. Staffel eine 4. hätte folgen können. Ich glaube wir hätten gesehen, wie Jacob aufwächst, wie er seinen Vater "erlebt", Diana wäre ein Helfer geworden, hätte Catherines Aufgaben in dieser Position übernommen. Vermutlich wäre sie auch Vincent eine sehr enge Freundin geworden, was ihm hilft den Verlust besser zu ertragen. Catherine in seinem Herzen ersetzt hätte sie wohl nicht. Joe würde wahrscheinlich, leider, weiter "im Dunklen" tappen. Vater könnte versuchen, sich ein Leben oben aufzubauen, was dann u.U. auch seinem Enkel zu Gute kommt. Somit wäre das ein Türchen für Joe. Außerdem gibt es noch eine ganze Menge Dinge/Charaktere, die man wieder oder intensiver beleuchten könnte ... ein 2. Halloween mit little Jacob und und und. WIR Fans hätten Stoff für mehr als 10 Staffeln. :D

Stace     2/8/2014 7:38:52 AM
That is hard to say, and we could specualate all day long. Personally, i think we'd see them become friends, see Vincent continue thru the grieving process for the remainder of that year/season. Maybe it'd grow into more. Maybe it wouldnt. He'd be learing about being a parent, we may see more about other people in the tunnels- maybe a Rollie update (and other people that have fallen by the wayside in the series). Father might have continued to see Jessica, but them both realise that 30 years living below isnt going to change over night.

Walkingmiracle     2/8/2014 1:00:15 AM
Hopefully, Diana and Vincent would become friends and nothing more. We would have seen more of Vincent with Jacob. Father may have begun to split up his time between Above and Below.

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