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Vincent and Catherine talking to Eric.

Question of the Day

What do you think?

Would Vincent feel any different if Jacob had been a girl? What about if he looked like Vincent?

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Stace     2/8/2014 7:38:47 AM
Hard to say. Vincent might have had a bit more of a struggle with a girl- but maybe not because of what he thinks, but what other people think about the role of girls. (see: jamie) But i think he'd have ample help with a girl below as well. Either way if the child resembled him- i think he'd feel bad but i think perhaps he would have taken a different approach in dealing with things than Father did, since he's had a number of eye-openings in 3s... and i think would continue to since his perspective had changed and he'd grown as a person. (granted, he's go a ways to go)

Rusty / RedNightBird     2/5/2014 8:28:55 PM
I believe he would have felt more guilt if the child had looked like him and was a girl.... he might have felt insufficient to raise a daughter without Catherine. On the other hand....he could have seen his own beauty in her face.

Beth     2/4/2014 4:45:08 PM
Great question! I don't think, as a baby in season 3, Vincent's feelings for the baby would have changed. However, as Jacob grew/grows up, I think it would have been more of a struggle for Vincent if his child had been female. And I think he might have felt a bit ashamed if it looked like him, as if he had somehow condemned the child to a more isolated life (and then, I expect, he would always hope that his child would meet someone like Catherine, to open those boundaries).

Susie     2/4/2014 3:04:12 PM
All that mattered to Vincent that this child was Catherine's. If the baby looked like him he would regret the restrictions this would place on the child.

Kindra     2/4/2014 2:11:44 PM
Vincent would have loved the child regardless of sex or appearance. I think the only difference would be that if the child looked like him, he would feel sad that the child would need to hide like he did, but he would do everything he could to give the child as much freedom as possible. He would go out of his way to make sure the child experienced as much of the world and life as possible so they wouldn't feel they were missing as much as Vincent did as a boy.

T'Mara     2/4/2014 12:49:01 PM
I think Vincent would have loved any child, boy or girl, more human-looking or more like him, and he would have been in awe and considered the baby a little miracle. Of course if the baby looked more like him it would have to live in the tunnels, with fewer choices and options available to him/her, but the little one would still be loved by the whole community. A girl might have been more of a challenge to raise, since I have a feeling that both, he and Father, can relate more to boys. They would probably both spoil a girl rotten!

Janet R.     2/4/2014 12:30:34 PM
I don't think it would have made any difference at all. The baby was his child no matter the sex or appearance. But I do think that it was important (for the plot and for the character of Vincent) that the child look completely human. Vincent needed that assurance. Jacob was just the proof that Vincent needed that he (Vincent) was a man, a human being.

Manu     2/4/2014 11:10:46 AM
Ich glaube nicht das es für Vincent eine Rolle spielt ob es ein Junge oder ein Mädchen ist. Auch wenn das Kind aussehen würde wie Vincent würde er es lieben. Da es ja ein Teil von ihm und Cathy ist. Und aus eigener Erfahrung weiß er ja das in einem Leben alles möglich ist. Denn ich glaube nicht das Vincent je bereut hat geboren worden zu sein.

underthepark     2/4/2014 9:11:56 AM
he would not feel any different about his child, he would love him/her. but if thechild would look like him he probably would feel different about himself, less human. egal,er würde sein Kind genau so lieben, egal wie es aussieht oder ob es ein Mädchen oder Bub ist. Aber sein Selbstbild würde es beeinflussen, denke ich, wenn das Kind aussieht wie er, würde es ihn darin bestätigen dass Teile von ihm nicht menschlich sind.

M.     2/4/2014 9:13:02 AM
I don`t think that gender has anything to do with that miracle. And if looking like him he wood have somebody to explain all this rules and feelings he understand so good. And allows more than father . ( If Father as grandpa doesn`t make some more free times. He knows now more and has help.)

Walkingmiracle     2/4/2014 9:07:04 AM
No, I don't think the sex of the baby would have mattered to Vincent at all. I think he would have just said healthy and been happy with whatever he got. If the baby looked like him I think he would have been terrified and worried for the child knowing everything that he goes through to hide himself. I don't think he would have wanted that for his child.

Cordi     2/4/2014 6:08:52 AM
Es wäre insgesamt sicherlich viel schwerer für Vincent, wenn es ein Mädchen wäre. Es gibt sicherlich mehr Punkte in denen man Mütter mit Töchtern als mit ihren Söhnen vergleicht, so dass ich denke, der Verlust von Catherine wäre viel länger und stärker präsent. Das gleiche Aussehen würde die beiden vermutlich sehr eng aneinander binden, aber Vincent auch mehr Sorgen über die Zukunft seines Sohnes bereiten, da er ja um die Probleme dieses anderen "ichs" sehr gut Bescheid weiß. Er wäre auch traurig, dass sein Sohn keine bessere Zukunft haben wird als er selber. Trost findet er aber in der Tatsache dass er weiß, egal wie Jacob aussieht, Catherine hätte ihn geliebt und nie etwas anderes in ihm gesehen als das gemeinsame Kind ihrer Liebe. -------------- Having a girl would be a little harder to deal with because the comparison between mothers and her girls are more than to her sons and this would make Vincents loss of her not easier. Looking like his father would bound V & Jacob closer together I think but on the otherhand causing Vincent more trouble about Jacobs future. V knows about this other "me" and the troubles with it too well. And I think he would be a little sad because he knew that Jacob wouldn't have a better future than him. Comforting is the point that Vincent knows Catherine would see Jacob only as what he is - as a child of love ... their love.

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