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Vincent and Catherine talking to Eric.

Question of the Day

What do you think?

How do you think Vincent felt about Jacob's conception once he remembered?

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Sharon R     2/8/2014 5:05:46 AM
I think that Vincent was awed by this miracle that was given to him by Catherine. He loved her so deeply that any part of her was precious to him.

Emily     2/3/2014 8:32:30 PM
Blessed, but I am not 100% sure he remembers the actual "act" if you will. It might be a little painful emotionally, but nothing but love with memories of Catherine and the future for little Jacob.

    2/3/2014 6:35:40 PM
The Gratefulness would bury any doubts, worries or concerns. He will tenderly only remember the bond of love he and Catherine shared. This for her sake.

Stace     2/3/2014 10:41:36 AM
Initally he's (im sure) scared and horrified, except to know that Catherine was not at all disturbed in telling him that they'd "loved and there was a child". As he (little by little) remembers about it, (because in cannon he does not remember, at least the last time we are informed) I would think he feels less and less apprehensive about his own "otherness" that he feels. After the events of 3s unfold and he gets his son back; i think he realises for real that "every man has a demon locked inside him when you threaten his home and his loved ones." (as was said in China Moon) Every man has an unsavory side, a wild side, a harsh side- but that side is closely tied to his civiliized and tender side and to compartmentalise, to suppress and repressing one's own nature instead of understanding it and working with it is dangerout. Just as stifling our innate sexuality is at best mistaken and at worst dangerous to us emotionally, physically and spiritually. If for no other reason than experiencing people who dont know him (whom he didnt save as their first encounter) and do not judge him; and for meeting a man who is truly a monster in the guise of a man- both of which i think give Vincent some much needed perspective.

Nom-de-Guerre     2/3/2014 12:10:26 AM
Want to make sure I understand the question; do you mean, remembered that there was a child, as Catherine told him? Or remembered the lovemaking? Because after watching these episodes obsessively for nearly 25 years, I still don't see any evidence that Vincent ever remembered the lovemaking, and from everything I've read about fugue (and similar) states, it's very likely the intimacy occurred while he was still in that "altered state." My intuition tells me he will for some years "regain" moments-- flashes-- fragments-- in dreams, and that it will take him awhile to trust those as REAL memories, and piece them together. When/if that time comes, and I look forward to writing about it!! :) --when that time comes that he does accept these as actual memories, I believe his memories will be of pure FEELING-- the feelings he was having AT THE TIME. And those, of course, would be primal, urgent, explosive and, as we know, completely mutual. I think his reaction to finally "remembering" would be very powerful and healing because in memory it would be so clear it WAS mutual... and completely natural (the exact opposite of his worst fear.)

Janet R.     2/2/2014 3:29:48 PM
I think that at first he just may have doubted the memory; thought it might have been conjured by his imagination. But in the end I think that Baby Jacob was the assurance that he needed to prove to himself that he was a man.

Kindra     2/1/2014 10:16:07 PM
His first reaction would be fear of hurting Catherine, but I think he would concentrate on the Bond, "listen" to Catherine's feelings about it. Discovering no fear, only a deep well of love and joy from her would allow him to allow the thought of having fathered a child sink in. It would take some time to wrap his mind around it, something he never dared dream of. To know he has created a child with the woman he loves would floor him. He would feel blessed. The idea that the child is part him, part Catherine would fascinate him. All the worries for how his own genes would affect the child would surface, but he would delight in whatever part that was Catherine showed in Jacob.

Beth     2/1/2014 9:48:09 PM
Frightened- although he himself is a miracle in existence, it requires great faith in the unknowable to believe the conception was immaculate. And since Vincent sometimes has trouble having faith in what Catherine says she feels/will do, I imagine this great leap of faith would be terrifying.

Julia     2/1/2014 9:41:02 PM
Terribly happy, terribly sad, terribly frightened...all at the same time. And once he got over the shock...incredibly grateful.

Cordi     2/1/2014 5:48:40 PM
Wenn er sich erinnert, dann an jeden einzelnen Moment, jede einzelne Sekunde dieses Momentes und er wird sehr traurig sein, dass er diese Erinnerungen nicht mehr mit ihr teilen kann. Vielleicht spricht er an ihrem Grab zu ihr über seine Gefühle oder er schreibt ihr einen Brief, so wie Eric es für Ellie getan hat. If he remembers, he will remember everything, all of it, every second - and he will be very sad about because he cannot share his memories with her. Maybe he'll talk about at her grave or he'll write her a letter, like Eric did for Ellie to tell her how blessed he feels.

Walkingmiracle     2/1/2014 3:40:53 PM
Probably blessed, but did he ever really remember? He probably would have worried about hurting Catherine. But I think that when he looked into his son's eyes everything else would have faded just as it does for most new fathers.

LKS     2/1/2014 2:47:36 PM
Did he hurt Catherine?

~catherine e.     2/1/2014 11:57:31 AM

TMara     2/1/2014 11:50:19 AM
I think he would be glad it happened at all, considering that Catherine is now dead, but maybe he would also feel a bit ashamed that they were not officially wed by whatever the marriage rules below are, when it happened. But he will be soooo happy to have little Jacob as Catherine's last gift to him.

M.     2/1/2014 10:35:05 AM
Happy to have a Child and a gift from Catherine. Sad to have lost the possibilty to share this with Cathy.

Rusty / RedNightBird     2/1/2014 9:05:51 AM
Awe....paternal awe that their love brought this infant into the world.

Judith N     2/1/2014 8:09:42 AM
Blessed...forever blessed. What greater expression of love and "come back to me, Vincent..." could there be? He would understand this...that with love all things are truly possible...

Marianne "Lioness" Nielsen     2/1/2014 7:26:04 AM
"OMG! I did THAT?!" He might have blushed scarlet and hid his face behind his hands. Okay...Catherine may have taken the lead, when they made love. After all, Father prob'ly wanted Vincent to remain a virgin, Catherine would have to teach him to let go and enjoy the party! Heh heh. And once, he remembered, what happened in that dark cave, he might also appreciate, what Catherine did. After all, twas an act of love, where he was brought back to life.

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