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Vincent and Catherine talking to Eric.

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What would have happened if Elliot hadn't been behind the harassment of the elderly tenants?

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Rosemarie S.     2/5/2014 5:30:56 PM
Interesting point, Claire, the "why" of Elliot being behind the harassment. Was it purely business or more like prejudice or arrogance? All factors would have played a part in how long they dated. Elliot was the type of man C was used to dating, and she did bring out the best in him. But ultimately, she would have seen the finer differences between him and V. I agree, JoAnn, it would have been interesting to see what those finer points were in the span of a few episodes. But even if she had dated Elliot longer, I believe that she continued to have feelings for V and would not have wanted him out of her life. If V did start backing away, that might have forced the issue as well. At this point, she is just not completely sure where her feelings for V go in her life.

Claire     2/5/2014 2:16:46 PM
oops, I jumped to conclusions in my previous post. I should've started by saying... If Elliot had been innocent of that embarrassing bullying, it would've taken Catherine more time to see how ruthless he could be in his ambition, and how his inner contradictions may not be very reassuring or endearing in the mid/long term. I haven't been able to pinpoint exactly whether he has serious issues with "class" or has simply been cleverly opportunistic.

Claire     2/5/2014 2:07:20 PM
As interesting as Elliot can be as a character, I don't think it is up to Catherine to help him find himself and grow into his own integrity - at least not in marriage or such a committed intimate relationship (knowing her does help him, over time). But I think they may have had an affair until Catherine realized he wasn't the one. In the meantime, I don't think the Bond would've been lost, only somewhat muted by Vincent for his own sanity. And he still would've been around every time she was in danger. Also, issues may have arisen in the Tunnels in which she'd have been involved as a Helper all the same (I don't think they'd have entirely blocked her away, as some fanfic puts it). In a nutshell, V&C would've taken the long(er) way, that's all. Just because I want it to be so ;)

Emily     2/5/2014 11:56:05 AM
I think Elliot wasn't ready to love the way one should. He has his own struggles that prevented him from being selfish and wanting to "win" all the time. It might have taken longer, but Catherine would have realized Elliot wasn't the one for her.

Sue     2/5/2014 11:22:08 AM
Catherine might believe he could be the one. Then she would come to her senses and realize she already has met the one.

T'Mara     2/5/2014 10:56:19 AM
Hm, Catherine may not have realized that quickly that he was not right for her, though I think his embarrassing behavior when he showed up at her office with the exquisite lunch cart also was a clear indication of his unsuitability. As for the tenants - I guess their story would have played out pretty much the same if somebody else had been behind the harassment. ;-)

Pat     2/5/2014 10:51:02 AM
I agree pretty much with what has been said already. Cathy would come to her conclusion about Vincent regardless, so it would likely be more a matter of time. The character of Elliott might have been able to become a friend of Vincent's sooner, however, if he had been more 'good' than 'bad' earlier. But his redemption arc would not have been.

underthepark     2/5/2014 9:29:59 AM
It would have taken C a little longer to realise that she is not really in love with Elliot.It would have been more complicated and more painful, but in Shades of Grey she would have realized it the latest, and admit what her heart already knew, that she is in love with V. Es hätte wohl etwas länger gedauert bis C realisiert hätte, dass sie nicht in Elliot verliebt ist - aber spätestens in Schades of grey hätte sie erkannt, dass da kein platz für Eliiott ist, weil sie Vincent liebt

M.     2/5/2014 9:09:10 AM
Cathy would have moe time wasted to struggle against old beliefs. With her only short connection to the tunnels easier to be a stranger to the problems they have every time, Easier to be a normal laywer instead of an attorney. Her Dad find the perfect son in law. Difficulter for Vincent to break in. But Eliot doesn`t have the sensibility and patience not to show his power .His loss.

truelovewaits     2/5/2014 9:06:33 AM
It doesn't matter if he was or not. In episodes like Shades of Gray and Ozymandius Catherine would eventually seen him for what he really was and what he was doing in each situation that she was involved with. Shades of Gray he wanted to talk to her about putting someone away and in Ozymandius she thought his tower was a bad idea for the city and thought she would have to accept his proposal of marriage in order to save Vincent's world.

Regina     2/5/2014 8:41:22 AM
Catherine would have seen Elliot for what he was in time...

JoAnn     2/5/2014 8:14:31 AM
I think the writers wasted a terrific opportunity by revealing Elliot as a bad guy so early in the season. What would have happened had the writers intended all along for Catherine to have the dichotomy of knowing Vincent AND of having a "perfect" boyfriend Above (handsome, interesting, accomplished - and not revealed to be a bad guy, just someone not the equal of Vincent)? I think it would have made for several intriguing episodes, giving Catherine, who was still "finding herself," a "choice" and forcing her to make a real decision to drop Elliot and be with Vincent. It would have been a really interesting way to show her transformation, and been then cause of much angst. As it was, the decision was basically made for her before she'd had a chance to really get to know Elliot.

Kindra     2/5/2014 7:51:59 AM
I think it may have taken longer for her to fully find herself. Elliot is very much what the old Cathy would have wanted. There is some good in Elliot and Catherine would want to encourage and nurture that goodness in him, much like Vincent does for her, to help him find the best part of himself. The Bond would eventually win out, Catherine would feel a part of her heart was missing without Vincent and she could never be fully happy without Vincent in her life. The journey to a life with Vincent is more challenging and infintely more fulfilling and what they are destined for.

Cordi     2/5/2014 6:29:47 AM
Sie hätte sicherlich die Zeit mit Elliot genossen, denn das ist/war ihre Welt, so hatte sie bisher gelebt. Sie hätte es solange genossen bis sie gemerkt hätte, wie sehr sie Vincent damit verletzt bzw. sich eine Situation ergibt, die ihr zeigt, dass Liebe und Vertrauen viel mehr bedeutet als Geld und Glamour. -------- She had enjoyed this time with Elliot because it is/was here world he lived in and the way she lived before. It has last as long as she had learned who much she hurt's Vincent and that love and faith is more than money and glamour.

Debbie Bluerose     2/5/2014 3:49:20 AM
Siege was so early in Catherine's recovery compiled with a genuine connection to Elliot, I believe if Elliot had been a force in helping Catherine expose and fight the terrorizing of the tenants that Catherine would have had to struggle more in figuring out her feelings for Vincent vs Elliot. While Vincent was Catherine's destiny and as Catherine sees in time her soulmate in more ways than one... on a romantic/partner as well as deeper level, Elliot has his own connection to Catherine. Catherine in many ways is Elliot's redemption in spirit akin to how Vincent helped Catherine awaken to the inner strength she held. Elliot and Catherine have a deep friendship developed over time with building trust in each other. Bottom line, Elliot's *lawyer* and thus ultimately Elliot being responsible for the harassment jarred Catherine to turn to Vincent fully quicker than would have happened if Elliot were not behind it.

Odile     2/5/2014 3:15:19 AM
Catherine aurait poursuivi sa relation avec Elliot pendant quelque temps. Mais au bout d’un moment, elle se serait aperçue qu’Elliot n’était plus le genre d’homme qu’elle recherchait. Et sans raison spéciale, elle aurait mis fin à cette relation sans intérêt. Pourquoi ? Parce qu’elle avait changé. Sa façon de voir la vie, ses priorités étaient devenues différentes. Parce qu’elle avait eu la chance de rencontrer cet être extraordinaire et fascinant : Vincent. Même si leur lien était encore faible à ce moment là, il existait déjà et Catherine sentait inconsciemment que Vincent allait lui apporter une autre vie, un amour différent, plus puissant et plus riche. Catherine would have pursued her relationship with Elliot awhile. But after a moment, she would have realized that Elliot was not the kind of man she was looking for. And without a special reason, she would have ended this relationship which was not interesting. Why? Because she had changed. Her way of seeing life, her priorities had become different. Because she had had the chance to meet this extraordinary and fascinating person: Vincent. Even if their relationship was still low at that time, it already existed. Catherine knew subconsciously that Vincent would bring her another life, a different love, more powerful and richer.

Rose M     2/5/2014 1:10:27 AM
The old Catherine might have been perfectly happy with Elliot, but she was a different person after the attack and after crossing paths with Vincent. I think that the only reason that she even dated Elliott was because he was something safe and familiar to her old life that she could latch onto -- the life that she was trying to reclaim and rebuild after such a traumatic event. But I think that she would have eventually realized that hers was now a new normal, and that the only way that “all those little pieces” will fit together again is if she learns to believe that she CAN “live another life and dream another dream” . . . one in which Vincent is everything and all that she needs.

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