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Vincent and Catherine talking to Eric.

Question of the Day

What do you think?

How do you feel about Catherine giving Rolley money to get him to see Vincent?

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Carol/CarrieZ     2/8/2014 5:36:02 PM
Good idea. Rolley needed money, catherine needed him to see Vincent. Only way really

Emily     2/7/2014 7:40:12 PM
It was a bold move. Sure it wasn't going to fix anything long term, and I think it showed a bit of harsh reality. But, at the moment, I think she was thinking solely of Vincent and what he needed.

Sharon     2/6/2014 6:56:20 PM
I suppose she had it to spare, but what a sad thing to have to pay someone to see Vincent. What a desperate thing for Catherine to do, and what a waste of money and time...At least Vincent learned a lot about poor Rolley even if it was devastating for all 3 of them....

Rachel     2/5/2014 9:01:29 AM
Rolley was a drug addict. That was not a good idea for her to do that. Maybe Catherine didn't know he was a drug addict and if she did she probably thought money was the only bribe she had to get him to see Vincent. Not a good idea no two ways about it.

Norma     2/4/2014 10:26:01 PM
Whether she gave him money or not, Rolley would still be an addict. She did what she had to at that moment to get him to talk to Vincent. Even so, the lure of so much money couldn't overcome his shame. Vincent still had to chase him down. I never saw her give him the other half and I don't think he would have asked for it.

Pat     2/4/2014 3:51:20 PM
Catherine is pragmatic. Vincent needed to talk to Rollie and ultimately, Rollie could benefit by knowing there are those out there who still care about him. Money can speak powerfully to an addict, so she uses it. Interestingly, I never saw her give him the other half, at least not on the roof when he passed by and went down. So perhaps the money is a moot issue!

Sue     2/4/2014 2:58:38 PM
She did what she had to do. She may not liked what she did but she knew it was important to Vincent.

Kindra     2/4/2014 2:10:43 PM
I wasn't bothered by it. Catherine did what she needed to do to get him to speak to Vincent so it was worth it.

T'Mara     2/4/2014 12:43:17 PM
I think she hoped that she could help both, by doing so. Vincent obviously felt very strongly about talking to Rolley, and Rolley needed help, which she hoped Vincent would be able to give him. Therefore she thought it was vital to get these two together and did the first thing that came to mind that had a chance to achieve just that.

Janet R.     2/4/2014 12:19:10 PM
Sometimes you have to do whatever it takes to achieve the desired outcome. If it took money to get Rolley to see Vincent than that was what had to be done. I would have done the same thing, hoping that once he saw Vincent, then he'd agree to stay put and allow his "family" to help him.

Manu     2/4/2014 11:05:55 AM
Beweist nur das sie bereit ist alles für Vincent zu tun. Damit er glücklich ist

Odile     2/4/2014 9:53:16 AM
Catherine sait que Rolley a besoin d'argent. Elle sait également que Rolley va utiliser cet argent pour acheter de la drogue. Mais peut-être pour acheter aussi de la nourriture? Et puis, c'est le seul moyen de le persuader de sortir pour rencontrer VincenT. Vincent serait trop déçu de ne pas pouvoir parler à Rolley. Donc, je pense qu’elle n’a pas d’autre choix. Catherine knows that Rolley needs money. She also knows that Rolley will use this money to buy drugs. But perhaps also to buy food? And it is the only way to persuade him to come out to meet Vincent. Vincent would be too disappointed not to talk to Rolley. So I think she has no other choice.

Regina     2/4/2014 9:26:06 AM
She would do anything for Vincent no matter what the cost...

M.     2/4/2014 9:17:38 AM
As lawyer she knows what works. She has to do with people like that daily and V wouldn`t have believed if not seen for himself.

underthepark     2/4/2014 9:02:13 AM
V woke her in the middle of the night, so it must be very important for him to talk to Rolley. Since nothing else worked, she did what was necessary - it worked. Da V sie mitten in der Nacht geweckt hat, weil er mit Rolley sprechen wollte, musste es sehr wichtig für ihn sein. Nichts anderes hat funktioniert, also hat sie getan was nötig war.

Walkingmiracle     2/4/2014 9:00:55 AM
I think that Catherine was willing to do anything to make sure that Vincent got a chance to talk to Rolley. She saw the importance in his eyes and wanted to take the chance to be there for him like he always was for her. So, I think it was worth it to give Vincent that little bit of healing that he needed. It wouldn't have been Catherine's style to do less.

Rosemarie S.     2/4/2014 7:58:38 AM
This was a very unusual action for C, it's true. She doesn't just flaunt her money like that. I remember being shocked that she would just tear a hundred dollar bill in half! I mean, who carries 100 bills, anyway? : ) But I think it was meant to show how much she cares about what is important to V. In that moment, she had only one goal and would do anything to not let V down. She knew the easiest way to accomplish that because you really can't reason with addicts. It's true, as some have said, Rolley would have used the money to buy drugs - but I think C was hoping that more drugs would only be a temporary thing because she had faith that V would be able to make him see the light and kick his habit. We really don't know if he ever got the other half - or if a bill that is completely torn in half is even good to use? I like to think that even though it didn't happen in this episode, that it did work and Rolley gave up drugs. (I know we did see that in The Season That Shall Not Be Named) So, ultimately, I do think C was justified in what she did.

Cordi     2/4/2014 5:49:36 AM
Nicht ganz eine gute Idee, weil sie eigentlich genau wusste, wofür er das Geld ausgeben würde. Auf der anderen Seite aber auch nachvollziehbar. Rolley hatte soviel Angst oder wohl besser Scham gegenüber Vincent, dass er sich bewusst an einem Ort versteckt hat, wo Vincent nicht hin konnte. Catherine wusste aber auch wie wichtig es Vincent war, wenigstens mit Rolley zu sprechen und bei Rolleys jetziger Lebensweise war es die einzige Möglichkeit, auch wenn sie damit seine Notlage ganz offensichtlich ausgenutzt hat. ------------ A bit different to see. Not really a quite good idea because she knew where he would the money spend for. The only way to get Rolley out because he was so frightened better so ashemed about where his life brought him. However Catherine had to trade on Rolleys distress at least to Vincent the chance to talk to him.

Vicky     2/4/2014 5:02:25 AM
I have a big issue with this action of Catherine's. She knows full well where that money is going to, the harm it can do, so regardless of her reasons, to me that was a bit of a disappointment. My optimistic self wants to believe she never gave him the second half, but she's a woman who keeps her promises, so if Rolley asked for the second half he would have it. I just hope he didn't ask after that conversation with Vincent!

Marianne "Lioness" Nielsen     2/4/2014 4:08:57 AM
Wel...I am a bit confused by her actions there. I kind of feel, that she - by her payment - supports his drug abuse. On the other hand; if money is the only way to get him out of the shelter, to talk to Vincent, she'll have to pay. But paying him to meet Vincent is not the right way. Rolley IS a drug addict! If he doesn't waste the 'moola' on drugs, he might get mugged and lose it anyway! So, why finance his drug abuse? She could spend that money on things/food for the Tunnel Dwellers...those who actually APPRECIATE gifts! But Catherine knows, how necessary it is for her beloved Vincent to meet Rolley. SO, why NOT try to help. I am just not okay with Rolley receiving money. But plz notice, that she tears one dollar bill in halves...he'll get the other half, when he sees Vincent. We never SEE Rolley receiving the missing half after he's seen Vincent. Did he ever GET the money?! Or, did he just run away after having met Vincent on the roof of that building?! I guess, we'll just have to GUESS, what happened.

JoAnn     2/4/2014 12:11:02 AM
It was very important to Vincent, so it was important to Catherine, and Catherine knew exactly what would entice an addict to see Vincent. It's one of the few times Catherine succumbs to true cynicism, but it showed she would do whatever it took for Vincent.

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