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Vincent and Catherine talking to Eric.

Question of the Day

What do you think?

What happened with the 10,000 dollars Cullen received for some pieces from the treasure? And if the treasure weren't traceable to the tunnels, eliminating
the concern for security, what impact would it have upon the community if they decided to keep it?

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Janet R.     2/4/2014 12:22:15 PM
Did he actually get that money? If he did, I think that after everything that happened, he probably gave it to Father for a "nest egg" for the community. And as far as what might have happened if they'd been able to keep all of the treasure, I think the same thing would have happened. It would have been put away for safe keeping somewhere and sold off piece by piece as needed for necessities for them.

Odile     2/4/2014 10:20:18 AM
Si le trésor était resté au dessous, cela aurait posé des problèmes. La cupidité fait partie de la nature de l’homme, même dessous. Un jour ou l’autre, quelqu’un aurait volé ou revendiqué ce trésor. La seule chose à faire était de s’en débarrasser. Vincent a eu la meilleure idée : le donner pour aider les pauvres au lieu de le jeter dans l’abîme. Cette action est conforme à l’esprit de la communauté. L’argent est source de problèmes. Vivre avec peu, c’est bannir la violence et la discorde. Thorpe had a gun. He said he never paid anything. I think he has retrieved his money. If the treasure had stayed below, it would have caused problems. Cupidity is part of human nature, even below. One day or another, someone would have stolen or claimed this treasure. The only thing to do was to get rid of. Vincent had the best idea: give to help poor people instead of throwing it into the abyss. This action is consistent with the spirit of the community. Money is a source of problems. Living with little bit is banish violence and discord.

Rosemarie S.     2/4/2014 7:52:43 AM
I tend to agree with you, Vicky. I was thinking about this yesterday and couldn't arrive at a final decision or way to say it. Sure, the money caused a lot of problems, but it was usable money and they also had to be practical. The treasure was not practical because of the attention it would bring. I'd like to think the temporary "Fever" was over and they could use it for the good of all. Very well said, Vicky! : )

Vicky     2/4/2014 5:32:32 AM
I think there's no reason Father and the council couldn't accept it from Cullen for emergencies. Frankly (and I see I'm a minority opinion here), it would be a way for the community to learn to rise over greed and conquer it than to simply hide the issue under the rug by refusing to deal with it. I think their keeping that money would be an even greater teachable moment than the donation to the nuns was.

truelovewaits     2/3/2014 6:52:49 PM
He hid it to save the community anymore troubles in the future. I bet he had given it to some of the helpers to get things for himself above a little at a time though to keep others especially Father and Vincent from being suspicious. The treasure would prove to be a very plentiful resource to the community buying them everything they needed to help them in their world. Leaving out the facts of it not be traceable or the concern for security.

poetrymischief     2/3/2014 6:22:30 PM
I think Cullen went back and hid the money someplace in the tunnels. Deciding that he made a mistake and would be more careful next time. Did we ever see him again? Although it wasn't Thorpe who handed the envelope of money to Cullen, it was probably provided to the shop keeper by Thorpe.

Edith     2/3/2014 4:45:48 PM
I would say he kept the money for later. Never spent it though cause unfortunately he got killed. I would say it would be put to good use. I think they only one that was really greedy was Cullen.

Emily     2/3/2014 4:26:16 PM
I figured they gave it to the Nuns with the rest of the treasure. Sure, it would have been a great help to the community, buying food, medicine, clothing, ect. At least things that are harder to come by than just with Helper donations. But I think after all that happened, the greed and fever it caused, they had to give the money away with the treasure. If they had come by the $10,000 another way, maybe things would have been different.

LKS     2/3/2014 1:23:47 PM
They probably donated it along with the treasure. If they used it respondabibly it would help the whole community to live without having to worry about having enough supplies.

Judith N     2/3/2014 1:03:26 PM
I think Cullen would have shared it with Father, and the council would have decided what to do with it. It would have provided so much they needed, such as the anitbiotics that seemed to be so scarce, as mentioned in Once Upon a Time. And cash is untracable...

T'Mara     2/3/2014 12:31:10 PM
I don't think the community will want to keep the money. They've seen how wealth can corrupt people. They most likely gave it to the nuns together with the jewelry or they donated it to another worthy cause. And of course keeping the treasure and selling it one piece at a time would mean that sooner or later somebody would wonder where the stuff comes from and thus discover the tunnels.

Kindra     2/3/2014 11:55:45 AM
I think Cullen would have given it to Father for the good of the community. It was cash and cash could be used without fear of it being traced back to the tunnels. Winslow made a point about jewels not doing them any good when they are out of medicines they need during the winter, so it could be used that way. The community didn't need jewels and gold, but they could use that sum wisely and frugally to help everyone Below.

Rusty / RedNightBird     2/3/2014 10:12:11 AM
back then it was a goodly sum. It could provide medical e.quipment or medicine or upgrades to the kitchen....all would have benefited in those ways

Regina     2/3/2014 6:51:49 AM
First it wasn't Thorpe that give Cullen the money...(look back it was the other guy). It mostly like with in the treasure chest to St Regina. Anything could happen if the community keep it positive and negeative

M.     2/3/2014 3:58:12 AM
I think also given away . Because of the danger , but not alone. That greed they told another should be upside. The must recover from all this things.And their friendship was tried enough through this. I´m sure they would have friends to help ,but if there wouldn`t also be danger? 10000 Dollar couldbe explained ( casino) but their friendship is more importend!!

Cordi     2/3/2014 3:10:08 AM
Ich denke die sind mit in der Truhe gelandet. Hätten sie den Schatz behalten, hätte es bestimmt noch viele Diskussionen gegeben, wer welches Teil bekommt, es wäre nie wirklich Ruhe eingekehrt. Die getroffene Entscheidung war somit schon völlig richtig, denn den Spruch "Bei Geld hört die Freundschaft auf" gibt es sicherlich nicht umsonst. --------------- I think the money was given to the jewellery as well. If they had kept the treasure there had been a lot more discussions about "who get's what item" so the decission not to keep was right. There's a quote "with momey involved friendship ends" and the epi showed us that's a lot of truth is in it.

Walkingmiracle     2/3/2014 12:51:52 AM
I think the money was probably put in the trunk with the rest of the treasure before they put it on that doorstep. Whether the pieces were traceable or not wasn't why the treasure had to go, at least in my opinion. It had to go because the greed that it brought on some of the tunnel dwellers was against everything they stood for. It had to go to basically protect their world from a split. Not because it was traceable.

JoAnn     2/3/2014 12:42:46 AM
I imagine the $10,000 was put in the trunk to give to the nuns by a very chastened Cullen. I don't see any way that the provenance of the treasure wouldn't be revealed at some point if they kept it, unless they literally "kept it" in the treasure chest, locked up. And I can't imagine they'd do that, both because it would be wasteful and because of its historical importance. Selling off a portion of the items might provide for the helpers and for those Below, but I believe they came to realize that ultimately it would not be good for either the community Below or the helpers. They'd had a taste of how the treasure could tear their community apart, and so I don't think they'd want to keep it even if nobody could trace it to the tunnels.

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