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Winterfest Online 2014 February 1 - 9
An annual week-long celebration of the 1987-1990 tv show, Beauty and the Beast, and its fandom

Backwards Forwards

Happy New Year from the Wintercandlemakers!

The ball has dropped at Times Square, and now the countdown to WFOL has begun. The original deadline for submissions has passed. Did you get your projects finished and in?

Or do you need a few more days? :-)

The Candlemakers can accept your submissions - stories, art, videos, recordings - until Friday, January 10, by midnight. This extension is an absolute deadline, though, so muses (and noses) to the grindstone!

Witty is good; witty is fine! Caption This is always a popular Winterfest game. If you have some favorite screen caps saved that would inspire your fellow Caption This players, please send them in to us! We need screen caps from all three seasons. (The clearer the better!) The Candlemakers need your help! Send in your caps as .jpgs by Friday, January 10.

And speaking of help ... Do you have a topic for a themed chat? A suggestion for the Question of the Day? Something - a poem, a vignette, a video - just the right mood for Opening Ceremonies? If you do, please send them along, pronto! We can't promise to use them all, but ideas are always welcome. The more, the very much merrier!

The Listening Chamber is little quiet. Please consider submitting a last-minute recording. They're quick to do, and we all want to hear you reading aloud - a poem, original or classic, a vignette, an excerpt or essay. Oh, and if you're a singer ... :-)

One more thing. We need BatB-websites to host segments of the Treasure Hunt. If you're interested in having Treasure Hunters visit your site, let us know. If you've questions about just what that means and what you'd need to do, send us an email and we'll talk.

Here's the address for your submissions and any questions you might have:


Be well and be busy!
Your Wintercandlemakers

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