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Winterfest Online 2014 February 1 - 9
An annual week-long celebration of the 1987-1990 tv show, Beauty and the Beast, and its fandom

Backwards Forwards

First Greetings, BatB fans, from your Winter Candlemakers - the organizing committee for Winterfest Online. 

We're excited to announce our next WFOL celebration – our 11th! – will be held February 1-9, 2014. 

As is our tradition, this message is the first in a series of announcements (aka candles) that will bring you important information about the upcoming Winterfest celebration and suggestions for your participation in our virtual gathering. Be watching for all the candles to come. 

Those of you new to fandom may be wondering what Winterfest Online is all about! You can explore last year's party by following this link: http://www.batbwfol.com/

Remember - we create the dream for each other. Everyone is encouraged to “bring a dish” to the party.  Be it art, story, song, video, poetry, cartoon, craft, essay, or filk: be it funny, sad, romantic, sweet, or steamy: be it a group project or an individual submission, your work will be displayed during WFOL for all to enjoy. If you aren't comfortable writing in English, please feel free to send your submission in the language of your choice. You'll find that the guests at Winterfest represent a number of countries around the world.
Now, who among you thinks it’s far too early to be thinking about a submission to WFOL? 

Not so fast! 
Today, the candlemakers issue the first in a series of challenges for writers and artists alike, little somethings to get those creative juices flowing. We’ll give you three words as prompts: a character, an item, and a place. Somehow, you’ll use all three prompts in your submission. Don’t worry. These are designed to be quickies! There will be other challenges set forth along the way, but jump right in today! Don’t wait for the next one!
Here's your first set of prompts: Samantha. Ballet shoes. The Great Hall. 

We'd like our writers, both new and experienced, to create a story using all three subjects, in 1000 words or fewer.
We'd like our artists, both budding and established, to create a doodle, a sketch, a cartoon, or a full work of art with all three subjects included in the image/s.
There IS one catch. You have just two weeks to complete your submission. The deadline for this challenge is September 20.  Send your stories and artwork to wintercandlemakers2@yahoo.com. 
These projects will be posted during WFOL. We hope everyone will try one or more or all of our challenges. Even if you have never put a pencil to paper, this is your chance to let your creative side out to play. You may surprise yourself. 
The clock is ticking!