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A Mosaic Story - Third Season - English

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This story was created by participants of Winterfest, piece by piece to create the collective whole. Thanks to eveyone who contributed in the creation of such a wonderful story.


Vincent spürt das er diana niemals lieben kann,da die liebe zu cathrine in ihrem sohn jakob weiterlebt.diana verabschiedet sich für immer von der unterirdischen gemeinde CAN SOMEONE TRANSLATE the sentence above? "Why am I dreaming in German?" was Diana's first clear thought when she woke up from a troubling dream. It was going to be Jacob's 3rd birthday today. A dangerous time, happiness and sorrow so close together. She rolled over, Vincent was still sleeping. Diana debated whether or not she wanted to wake him up, but decided he needed as much rest as he could get, considering how busy today was going to be. *I have to remember to let him be alone for some time to remember Catherine today.* The others might have thought distraction was a remedy but she knew better. She ran a brush through her red hair and felt a chill. A ghost was nearby, a child.

"Ellie? Diana was surprised. How did she know the ghost girl was Ellie? She had never actually met her, since Eric's sister had died long before Diana had ever met Vincent and got introduced to the world Below. 'Yes, that's me!' the child circled Diana on the chair. "I need to let my brother know I'm safe, that he shouldn't worry!"
Diana relaxed at the child's message, a beautiful thought for this potently emotional day.
"Did you want to tell him directly?" "Oh yes! Can you get him here?" Ellie asked. "Looks like you've become a family member now, Diana, kinda like it. Vincent isn't that sad anymore. But do you think Eric will come, maybe he thinks you're talking crazy, me being here?" "Yes, Vincent smiles so much more now." Diana stole a loving look at a still sleeping Vincent.
"Let's see Eric while it's early."
"OK," Diana agreed as she threw on her robe and they headed to the boy's dorm. When Diana got to the dorm she found Ellie had vanished. And Eric wasn't in his bed. Worried now, she thought he might be by the Mirror Pool. Finding him sleeping soundly, he woke up sensing her.

"Diana? Ellie told me we gotta protect Jacob."
"Ellie told you? You have seen her? How? How is she? And why protect Jacob?", Eric asked flustered.
Diana laughed: "Oh little boy, keep it slow! First, Ellie let you know she's save, you both will talk soon. About Jacob, no clue, just have a bad feeling." "Have you spoken to Vincent?" Diana queried.
"No, afraid people would think he was sick again" Ellie shook her head.
"How about Father?" Diana had made good headroads in befriending the curmudgeon after returning with baby Jacob.
"Ok, Diana -he's up now" Ellie held Eric's hand before fading away. "I love you, and watch out for the Girl with the Red Eyes."

Diana spoke to the empty air, "Red Eyes? Is she going to take Jake, hurt him?"

Father had little patience for the supernatural, she walked to him. "These are the words of lunatics!" Father railed at Diana. "Right." She said cooly. "Just like men with lion faces, and waterfalls underground, and old books piled on rock walls..."

Father's head bowed, "I don't want to believe. Not today, it's all too fragile."

"I know, but we have to protect them both." So the sentries were doubled. People travelled together. And the child was always with 24 people. The gathering for Jacob's party in the library was tenser than it deserved. All seemed to be going well until Jacob opened a strange little box. No one knew who had brought and before Diana could grab it there was a flash of light and Jacob was gone.

Vincent felt down his knees and his roar was ear-splitting, like the walls were crushing down. No one said a word, they all were dizzied and for the first time after a long, all of them were afraid - of Vincent, even Father; he slowly went closer to him. "We're going to find him."

"He is lost."

Diana had a flash of insight, "No, he was taken. And they want something in return." She had picked up the box, a note fell out.


*from the Girl with the Red Eyes I bet* thought Diana. 'Smoke and Mirrors' Jacob exclaimed.
"Father, my son is gone" Vincent wailed in agony.
"Everyone, think...what exactly did we see?" Diana pressed professionally. "A flash...a big light..." said Eric. He squinted, "...and footprints!"

They lead out of the chamber and suggested that whoever made them was running, very fast.

Vincent was running in an instant. His fangs bared, deeper and deeper Below. With his superior sight he watched the footprints lengthen out as if their pace increased. How much further would he chase this elusive villain? Diana started running after Vincent. "I take my bow and follow!" Jamie insisted.
"Do it!" Father replied, "Pascal, alert off the pipes and then silence, only emergencies! And the rest of us remains patient, there's nothing we can do right now."

Jacob had the sensation of flying, it didn't feel like the woman's feet were touching the ground. He did cry out but he was very scared, and confused.

The woman looked like his mommy in the painting.

But her eyes were red.
The woman was powerfully built, Jacob stared as she spoke, "John Connor, we'll be safe - I promise, the wars are over and we'll be safe."
Vincent caught the sight of the leather clad woman holding his child as she jumped the missing boards in the bridge.
"Stop!" His voice caught, she was Catherine, but she was not,her eyes were the red glow of a machine.

"Who are you?"

The woman seemed confused by that, "I one, I am lost here but I have found my son John." She kept running.
No. She was not Catherine. The woman simply *looked* like Catherine. Vincent lept the bridge and sped after her. "That is *MY SON*, Jacob!" Despite his own safety he kept running. Diana and Jamie reached him in time the red-eyed turned her way above. "Stop Vincent! You can't go further!" Diana yelled, "we'll follow her."
Vincent sighed but he knew Diana was right.He sat down the floor crying.
Diana followed the woman to a warehouse, she watched her from a distance. Jacob tried to reach her.

"I'm not John"

"Yes you are, the man told me you were."

"You are John," a cold voice said, and then Paracelsus' mask maker stepped into the light. "I know who i am. He lies- just like the other man. I wasnt Julian. I'm not John, I am Jacob."
It's scanned the boy's face and retina. This was not John. The machine knew the boy was telling the truth, all the data from its sensors confirmed it.But why? Paracelsus mask maker teared off John Pater's face revealing her haggard one. "I found this machine on the edge of the Abyss, not many know it's were worlds come together. It - and you - are my way back to controlling Below."

Jamie raised her bow. Tamara's body lurched at the force of the arrow, propelling her off the edge of the staircase. The child ran to Jamie. Diana faced the machine, "Be gone, don't haunt us. Return the way you came."
The Machine pressed a finger to a series of buttons and in a sphere of light and lightning was gone.

Diana and Jamie walked back and deposited a very worried Jacob in a very relived Vincent's arms. The little boy looked at the note "SAVE US".

"We still have to help them Daddy."


"Don't know." Diana, Vincent & Jacob sat in their chamber."What to make of this note, D?"
"Seems very 21st Century, would Father have any scientific journals prognosticating this?"
Jacob stayed in his Daddy's lap and close to Diana.

He looked up into her eyes. They were watching him closely, as if trying to work out a puzzle. Jacob smiled. He liked Diana, she was nice to him. But she was not his mother. He needed to remember that. Daddy had said so. Catherine was his mother and... Diana was who brought him home to his Daddy. Jacob crawled into Diana's lap and kissed her cheek. Looking at Vincent he asked, "Daddy, can we have a baby that looks like you or Diana? I look like my Mom. Can we have more babies?"
Vincent chuckled.....
Diana put a hand to her stomach, *I think I'll wait to share my news when things have calmed down.*

"Tamara said the Abyss is where the worlds meet, we should start there. Leave Jacob with Mary and come with me."
"Where are we going?" Diana resisted the tug of his hand on hers. "Why do we need to go to the Abyss? It's a scary place."

"Because it is where we do need to start. To end all this madness."

"Then, if you think it's right, we will go." She nodded. The found Narcissa standing over the abyss-her words were nearly silently as her hands worked in the air over the mist.
'Ah,you were drawn too! It's over-go home you 3!"
'3?' Vincent queried as he held Diana close.
'Yes, oh, yes' Diana moved his hand to Her tummy. His empathy led him to feel the emerging heartbeat of his child within her.
"But we can't go home until we know the truth, Narcissa." Vincent shook his head.

"The truth is what you believe it to be..." Narcissa's old hands wove magic paths through the misty air. "Night time truly does sharpen the senses...don't you know?" "This Being from the future sought the peace of Motherhood and came thru a vortex to claim Jacob. She was wrong and she is gone, banished. Live in joy with Diana, Jacob and the little one who'll be your image" Narcissa implored.

"But remember the spirits, children, remember the spirits." Narcissa smiled. "They are all around you always. You just can't see them. But darkness does wake and stir your imagination. You just need to believe and understand the truth about them all."
Diana and Vincent walked back deep in thought.

"I'm frightened Diana."

"I know, I know...but what happened to Catherine won't happen to me."

"I wish I could be sure."

Diana's thoughts stayed glued to the "SAVE US" note. Maybe they were here.

"I do have my gun." Diana patted her waistline. "No-one and no crazy will hurt us. I can promise you that. I will not allow them to disrupt what we have here, together. That I promise you."

As I am here for you, Diana." Vincent leaned down to her.
He kissed her, in that tender and trusting way that Diana recognized as his heart healing. They were not the passionate kisses she guessed Catherine had known in their cavern coupling. But they were ones to build a life one. A flash came to her.

She felt a stirring, as if a bond was awaking within her. She laid a hand against her lower abdomen and closed her eyes. The stirring in her senses came again. Their child! Vincent's child...she reached for his hand and pulled it against her tightly.
There was only he and and Diana, and they were floating over the abyss. And a little red haired girl whose face was hidden in shadows was beckoning to them.

"Go to where the River with no name turns to ice. There you will find treasure."

Diana reached for her gun. "I don't like this," she complained.

"She cannot harm us." Vincent prevented her from drawing the weapon. "If we do as she asks. You just have to believe."

"I believe in what I can see and feel, Vincent. That's good."
They were standing in front of Vincent's chamber, the vision having passed. Vincent tried again.

"Let us rest, and in the morning we will go to the place she speaks of. I know it. I went there once as a boy, it very far Below."

"Then I will let you lead the way." Diana followed him into the chamber, waiting while he added more light. She felt uneasy in the darkness, darkness that she knew Vincent could see in. It would be a long trip and she was tired. But she would go with him.

The next day they set off with backpacks and bedrolls. They stopped for lunch in the Crystal Cavern.

"Look!" Diana pointed. The glints of light were forming themselves into a person, Winslow!

"Who is that?" Diana frowned.

"It's Winslow!" Vincent moved closer, holding out his hand to the figure rimmed in light. "How are you, my old friend."

"The better for seeing you again, Vincent." Winslow took his hand in a iron grip. "I have been here for a while. Tell me, Vincent, about your life since I last saw you"
How to tell such a story? Vincent wondered but he told Winslow of love, of love that would last after death, of a child, of a huntress, of new love. Winslow drank it all in.

"I've come to give you some advice and warning, beware the ice caves." Vincent shook his head, "We've been warned of some of this- Please, tell us more"

Winslow began drawing shapes in the sandy floor, using stones he made a pattern. The his tale began. Diana shivered at his words even with Vincent's arm around her.
"They're where Paracelsus' people fled after his death. Tamara ruled them," the shade of Winslow smirked at Diana, "until you took care of her. But some want to leave."

"That's what SAVE US meant."

"Yes, there is a woman called Ruby don't trust her." Diana posed the question 'who is Ruby?? Can you describe her?' "She was a beautiful woman whose brightness and goodness were taken by the unfortunate circumstances of her death. However, there is one brightness that remains: in the now-evil glowing redness of her once-kind eyes." Diana recalled the poem V read to her about "something helpless that wants our love.' Who could that be in the ages of these tunnels. How many 'Dragons' were there under New York?