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The Ways Change

Past visitors to Winterfest Online will notice that some things have changed this year. As always, be sure to click on everything and you'll soon know your way around as well as a tunnel dweller. If you get lost and can't find help another way, email us.

Many people have worked hard to bring something to the Winterfest table. The guest book and the yahoo group are two ways you might consider dropping a word of thanks for things you especially like.

Now, before you light your candle and run off to the Great Hall, a few tips:
  • You will have more fun the more you actively participate
  • Any time you see the Winterfest Online logo, you can click on it to go directly to the Great Hall. (Yes, even the one on this page, but don't click it now, or you'll miss the opening ceremonies!)
  • There will be new treats added every day. Visit the Pipe Chamber every day for updates about what's new today. (And if something is labeled 'of the day', look for new content there every day.)
  • Winterfest Online is an international celebration. Please feel free to participate in your native language (though obviously, more people will be able to understand if you post in English.) If there's something in English-only that you'd like translated, let us know and we'll see what we can do.
  • Dialup visitors: you will almost certainly have to skip some parts of Winterfest unless you have both a good reliable connection and extreme patience. The videos and audio recordings will pose the greatest challenge, though the full size wallpapers could also be an issue. The Stop and Back buttons in your browser are your friends! You may also want to bookmark the site map.
  • Check out the chooser. In addition to choosing a language, there's an option for season preference, Classic or All Season. (Once you get to the Great Hall, just click on a language under the Winterfest logo.) Choosing Classic filters out 3S content in some places, such as games. All season is the default.
Off you go! Have fun!
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