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Sunday, 9 February 2014

The last day of Winterfest? It seems to have arrived so fast.

While all of us are running around the tunnels trying to squeeze as much as possible into the last day, Vincent and Catherine have quietly retired to the bathing chamber. We know we can depend on you to respect their privacy, right? Oh, dear. The looks in some of your eyes.... Oh, well. At least our couple will know we threw the idea out there in their favor. We’ll leave you to struggle with your own consciences.

The interactive part of the daily activities – challenges, questions, Caption This, the guestbook, etc. – will close soon; so if you’d like to participate, today is the time.

If you want to join the conversations as we enjoy this last day of festivities, visit the Yahoo Group or one of the chatrooms.

Please take time to respond to our survey before you leave us. Everyone’s combined answers can help make the next Winterfest more to your liking.

When you’re ready to return Above, don’t forget the closing ceremonies. You’ll be guided through until you come to the passing of the candle to the summer convention folks, where you’ll be provided with a link to information on how to attend if you’d like.

And please know that we have enjoyed your company, your enthusiasm, your patience and good will, your contributions to the charity, and the steady hum of fun and friendship that ran rampant through the virtual tunnels for the past week. As always, Winterfest wouldn’t be the same without you.

Be well.

The Wintercandlemakers

Saturday, 8 February 2014

It’s already Saturday? Time flies when you’re having fun. You are having fun, we hope.

The Library’s collection is still growing. The Hearthside Stories this year are built around Helpers and their journeys to or through the tunnels.

The Talent Show opens today at 2:00pm EST. In the Conversation Corner, you’ll find a link to the chatroom where you can attend. It’s in the Chat Schedule.

Don’t forget - the ebay auction for Camfed, our charity this year, that will end at 6:00pm EST today.

If any of the auction items interest you, time is running short. If the auction items don’t interest you, but you’d like to help, clicking on Camfed in the Helpers Nook will give you other options for ways to contribute.

Friday, 7 February 2014

It’s Treasure Hunt Day! WooHoo! So put on your virtual hiking boots and get ready to trek through some websites in search of clues to find the treasure. Please limit your public help for others to small hints, not exact information. A number of guests enjoy the challenge of finding things for themselves, so please make the Treasure Hunt and the Yahoo group a no spoiler zone.  

If your virtual feet are tired from treasure hunting, head for the Library and prop them up. You’ll find the stories based on the Challenge 3 prompts – Vincent, rose petals, and a secluded cavern.  

Have you visited Mouse’s Chamber to see what interesting things are to be found there? Are you accepting the challenge of the day or adding your opinions to the question of the day? Finding today’s chuckle?  Looking through the recipes? There are lots of things left to find. Don’t be shy. The tunnels are full of friendly people. Go forth and find some of them. : )  

If you’re afraid you may have missed something, look at the site map in the Great Hall and see.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

A very special treat awaits you in The Gallery: First Time Online - an extensive collection of art by Australian artist Kathy Fidge, more than 60 drawings!

The Amphitheater also houses a special treat today. There are two new videos; one of them is Winslow themed, very appropriate since James Avery, the actor who played Winslow, passed away recently.  

At the Mirror Pool, you’ll find The Circle, a memorial page for members of the Beauty and the Beast community and those who worked on the television series. Where it was available, something about those on the memorial page is posted; clicking on the picture will link you to the page. We also lost another wintercandlemaker this year. Joan Stephens, one of our most prolific writers, passed away in early September.

And once again in the amphitheater, we bring you some interviews - some vintage, and some more recent. 

Of course, the other activities are still available; and the Library is well-stocked, so you have plenty of choices.

Enjoy your day at the party.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

What’s new today? More new reading material. We have another Finally Online presentation. This time it’s a story arc told in a series of six digest-sized zines by Judith Nolan. Look for them in the Library. 

At last count, our charity contributions had reached $365.00. You can keep an eye on progress in the Helper’s Nook. Near the bottom of the page there’s a link to the items being auctioned on eBay. One hundred percent of the proceeds of the auction will go to the charity, so if you’re a collector, you might want to see if anything interests you. 

Don't forget there's a new Chuckle, a new Word Cloud, a new wallpaper, a new question, a new challenge, and new chapters of the Round Robins added every day. 

Whew! We’ll let you go and enjoy Winterfest now. See you there.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

The stacks in the Library are growing again. Today you’ll find the stories from Challenge 2. The prompts were Edie, the Statue of Liberty, and a baseball bat. It’s fun to see how the different writers used the same three prompts to create their various stories.

If you like filks (song parodies) of the Beauty and the Beast variety, you might want to visit the amphitheater. Sylvia and Diane can be heard singing the filks they created before WFOL existed.

At 8pm EST, come to the Theme chatroom to ask questions about this summer's con in Minneapolis.

Have you participated in one of the daily challenges, jotted a message in the guest book, found your true level of obsession with our favorite show, checked Mouse’s chamber for old favorites, visited in the conversation corner, checked the Helper’s Nook, perused the items being auctioned on ebay for our charity this year? There are lots of options.

Wave as you wander through toward your next destination. We’ll be looking for you.

Monday, 3 February 2014

Good Morning!

If you have to get back to work this morning, rest assured that Winterfest will be waiting right here to welcome you back later. If you’re spending the day near your computer, then dive right in.

New treats for you today include a First Time Online zine, “Dreams of Thee” by Joanne Grier. You can find that in the Library.

We also encourage you to take the OP Poll (That’s Obsessive Pathetic), which you’ll find in the Conversation Corner. Have you ever wondered just how far your obsession with Beauty and the Beast might have progressed? Here’s your opportunity to find out . . . if you really want to know.

Now that you know about the new additions, consider getting out there to enjoy the games you haven’t tried yet. Join a chat or the conversation on the Yahoo group, make an entry for the daily challenges in the Library or expound upon the daily questions in the Conversation Corner. Check the next chapters of the Round Robins or add your two cents to one of the Mosaic Stories. The tunnels are full of entertainment this week.

Have fun!

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Did we enjoy our first day of Winterfest? We candlemakers did, in spite of the chatroom troubles. Thanks for bearing with us. 

The submissions for the first of our three challenges appear today. Look for them in the Library. Also, in the Gallery, we have another set of Rosemarie
Hauer's fantastic calendars! 

In the chatroom, the traditional Dead of Winter episode watch takes place at 4pm EST. (Watch the episode on your own tv or computer while you discuss together.)
At 8 pm, come to Fandom for Newbies and either give or receive tips. 

We've already received over $200 in donations for our fandom charity! We think it's a record for a first day of Winterfest! Thank you, donors! 

The eBay auctions to benefit Camfed are in full swing, with 29 items up for bid. 29!  You'll find information about Camfed and the link to the auctions
in The Helpers Nook.   

We hope you're tooling around the tunnels with ease. Have a great second day at Winterfest Online!

Saturday, 1 February 2014

A warm welcome to everyone as we begin our celebration of Beauty and the Beast Winterfest Online 2014.

Because the treats you're going to find at Winterfest won't all be presented at once, we hope that, over the next nine days, you'll drop into the Pipe chamber often. This is where you can find a lineup of each day's new gifts to unwrap and explore. Of course, today, everything is new! So have fun. Share the fun. And spread the fun around.

Remember if you encounter a problem, the candlemakers are here to help. Tap on this pipe to get our attention, and we'll do the best we can to assist you.

Have a wonderful time and Happy Winterfest!