Treasure Hunt Walkthrough

If you scroll down very slowly, one clue at a time, you're less likely to give yourself unintended spoilers.

walking stick figured, animated

To start the hunt, you need to find the portal.





You’re looking for a treasure box.




It’s in one of the main chambers of the Great Hall, hiding in plain sight, near some Tunnel Dwellers doing something tunnelish.


It’s in one of the big center images.


It’s in the Amphitheater.


Look out, if you’re allergic to flowers.


See it? Click on it.

Next, you’ll find a little story. Probably ought to read it.

Click Continue (at the bottom of the page).



It’s a Treasure Hunt riddle. What could you be looking for?

Is it a picnic basket, maybe? Click Hunt.

You arrive at Here Begins a New Life, Nancy’s poem and story site. Bookmark this site. You’ll want to come back and read.

Yep, it's a picnic basket you're searching for.

There is just one question with a multiple choice answer. You do not have to click on all the poems in the sidebar to find the right answer. Just search for those 5 titles in the possible answer list.


Enjoy the poems, even if the picnic basket isn't there.



It’s in Away For The Weekend.



Away For The Weekend is about halfway down the sidebar list. See it? Click it.

Look for the the words “picnic basket” in the poem. Click on them.



Second Riddle. What are you looking for??


A plate.

Click Continue.

You arrive at the 2014 BatB Convention Website. Minneapolis!!  In July!!

Hmmmm. Lots of neat information here. Could get lost. Might should register for the con right away.

But you’re looking for a plate ...




Scroll   d - o - w - n.




Oooh, plaid!

Click it.

You can google the clues for answers that you don’t know. Open a new window to do that, though, so you don’t lose your crossword puzzle.

Click in a square. A vertical or horizontal word will highlight, and a clue will pop up.



Did you know the state flower of Minnesota is the lady slipper? Isn’t that pretty-sounding!




Each clue has a “solve” button. If you don’t know the answer, or can’t google it, click “solve” and the answer appears in the grid! Magic! Move on to the next word by clicking in an empty square. When all the blanks are filled in, click “Check Puzzle”.



Oooh! Another plate! Picnic for two! Click on it.



Next riddle. What is it?



A sandwich. Click Continue.



You’re at CABB, the Classic Alliance for Beauty and the Beast website.

It’s multiple choice, so start clicking buttons and submitting answers.

When you reach the instruction to search out fandom’s bench in Central Park,
scroll   d - o - w - n   until you get to the chart of goodies found on this site.



Search for ‘The Bench in Central Park’.




It’s in the right hand column, four cells down from the bell. Click on the link.




Click on the sandwiches.


Next riddle. What is it?



A Thermos.

Click Continue


You’re at the Crystal Rose Lending Library (CRLL). Click on the picture of the Treasure Chest.

Notice that the game opens in a separate window? This is necessary. Don’t close the library website page. If you already have, there’s a link at the bottom of the page to open the website up again.

Answer the six questions. Use the menu tabs at the top of the CRLL page to navigate through the site: Home, News, History, The Collection, Borrowing, Contact Us. You do not need to go into The Stacks. The answers are not there.



Got your answers written down?




Don’t want to do the necessary research? Want to crib off Vincent’s paper? Underneath the questions, click on ‘continue’.

See what he has written in his notebook? It’s upside down, but there’s your answer. Might be a good time to stretch your neck a little.




The answers are: Carolina, Librarian’s, Once, Six, Eight, Tennessee




The first letters of each answer spell out CLOSET. Search for it in the website pages.




It’s on The Collection page.




It should be in red-colored type. Click it.




See the thermos?

Click the link under the picture to be off.


Next Riddle: What is it?




It’s a blanket.

Click continue.

You arrive at Zara’s Piece of Eternity site. Where might the Treasure Hunt be?



Click on NEWS from the list of options.

Click on Treasure Hunters: Come this way, under the WFOL logo.



Read, then click the arrows at the bottom of the page.



Click on.


Choose a path. Either one. Click the arrows.

Read. Choose. Click.



Read. Click the arrows.



Read. Click.



Read. Click.



Read. Click.

You found The Picnic Blanket! Click Onward 


Next Riddle: What is it?




Click Continue.

You arrive at An Ever-Fixed Mark, Crowmama’s fan fiction site.


There’s a new story posted you might want to stop and read first. Or bookmark for later.

Click On To the Hunt.

It’s multiple choice. Have fun! Remember, wrong answers can be worth clicking on, just for the grins.



You found the forks.

Click on Click HERE.


Next Riddle: What is it?



Potato Salad


You arrive at The Whispering Gallery - a library of recorded fan fiction.

Click on the designated story title in the right hand sidebar to listen for your answers.
Use the player or click download the story. The answers come in the first few minutes of each story.


Relax a while. Have a listen and a cup of tea!




Click on the red link at the bottom of the page. You arrive at a page that swears it doesn’t exist, yet there it is, even though it’s basically blank.

Look up at the URL field - see the dashes? Replace those with the letters you wrote down. Hit return. Does the URL work with the letters you inserted?







The letters are: ehsmcmcc



Still not working? The correct link you should have in your URL field is:

Hit return.


Yay! Potato Salad!!




Next Riddle: What is it?


It’s Chocolate Covered Strawberries. Whooooo-oooo!


You arrive at Imagine That, Carole W’s fan fiction site.

Under the picture of the Treasure Chest, click CLICK HERE.

It’s multiple choice. You can click on the story in the sidebar to search out the answers, or you can just guess. Remember, wrong answers can be fun!


Yay! All done!

Click HERE to scoop up your treats.



Next Riddle: What is it?


It’s a Book. Click Continue.

You arrive at Batbland’s Treasure Hunt game. You must open the regular BatBLand pages to do your research. Click on the orange link for Batbland to do so.


Take a deep breath. Click Start.




Question Hints:

#1: Click on The B&B Year. Locate the Anniversary Section. Count the years.



The answer is 7. Click submit.

Navigate back to Batbland’s main page.



#2. Find the link to the Batbland Forum. Click it.

Scroll the topics in the forum for the answer.



The answer is kaleidoscope. Careful to spell it correctly. Don’t use capital letters.

Navigate back to Batbland’s home page




#3. The answer is the language the site is written in, not the site name.



Search Batbland for other sites proudly hosted here.



That’s in the right hand column, at the top, under Cultivating B&Bland.

It’s Annik’s website.And she writes in _______?

The answer is French. Make sure you have typed a capital F.

Navigate back to Batbland's home page.





#4. Search the Batbland main page for Past Conventions.



Scroll to the bottom and begin to search back through the conventions. You want to find the listing for the first fan-run convention.




Hint: This convention had a named chairperson.


Hint: This convention was held in 1990.


The answer is Las Vegas.

Navigate back to Batbland's home page.



#5. Look through the listings until you find the convention held on a cruise ship.


Hint: This convention’s guests were Ritch Brinkley and Armin Shimerman



Hint: This convention was held in 1991.



The answer is Miami

Navigate back to Batbland’s home page.



#6. You’re looking for a video. Where might that be found?



Look under Exploring B&Bland



Click Videos and Songs



It’s right at the top.


You could just copy/paste Debbie BlueRose into the answer field.

Navigate back to Batbland‘s home page.




#7. You’re looking for a comic book. What do comics have that plain stories often don’t?




Find Stories with Pictures under Exploring B&Bland. Click it.



Search the list for a comic book.



Type or copy/paste the comic book title.



The title is The Nerve.

Navigate back to Batbland’s home page.




#8. Search for The Bench. Click it.

Neat, huh? If you go there, have a seat, and get someone to snap a photo.

You’re wanting to know The History, right? You know what to do.








Who wrote the article?

Copy/Paste her name into the answer field.




The answer is Rosemarie Salvatore. Careful with the spelling.

Navigate back to Batbland’s home page.



#9. Search for information relating to the DVDs.



Click DVD (left column)



Click on the season mentioned in the question.



Click on First Season



Click on A Valentine’s Day surprise. See the answer?



The answer is 1996.

Navigate back to Batbland’s home page.



#10. Hmmm, Vincent’s Birthday. What section would things relating to his birthday be in?



Click on the B&B Year



Start clicking on the different Vincent’s Birthday celebration links. Scroll down looking for the entry called The Beautiful Secret.



It’s in the 2010 celebration.



Click on Secret.

Start scrolling. Start noticing repeated shapes ... (not snowflakes, remember)




The particular shape is repeated 5 times.




It’s a heart.




YAY!!! It’s done, it’s finished, and there’s the book!

Click on the book.

Ahhh. Vincent is reading to Catherine from a book.

Click continue.


And now let the party start! You made it through!

You’ve arrived at the Treasure Doors!!! Bye for now! Have fun!!