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Racctionary is a type of "Boggle" or "Jumble" game where you are given a set of letters and your task is to make as many words as you can with only the letters provided. The letters many be used in any order but each of the seven can only be used once.

The tiles showing the available letters are being held by the raccoons. Type the letters on your keyboard and they will appear in the grey space below the raccoons. As you type one of the letters it will be removed from the list of available letters. If you type a letter that is not one of the available letters, nothing will happen.

Once you feel you have made a valid word you can press the enter/return key on your keyboard or click on the enter button on screen. if your word is valid it will be entered into the first available area above the raccoons based on the length of the word you entered. You will also hear an approving chitter (IE only) from the raccoons and a green check mark will appear next to the Word label. All of the letters you types will return the the available list. If you enter a word not found in our dictionary, the raccoons will voice their displeasure (IE only) and a a red X will appear next to the word label. Each word many only be entered once and if you enter a word more than once you will face the wrath of the raccoons and a red X will appear next to the Duplicate label.

If you have entered letters and decide to make a change, you may press the backspace, delete, or left arrow keys on your keyboard to remove the last letter entered. If you want to start over from scratch you can press the space bar or click the Clear button on screen.

Generally you need to enter 35 words in order to proceeed to the next Round. Each set of letters will allow you to make at least 1 seven letter word and a varying number of six, five, four and three letter words. Each round has a certain number of words of each length for you to find and this is indicated by the grid above the raccoons. Three white boxes in a row before the black background indicate that a three letter word needs to be put there four in a row indicates a four letter word etc. Once you filled up the number of words ofa particulat length you may continur to enter words of that length but you will not get credit for doing so.

Special Functions
Shuffle - If you get stuck and can't make any more words with the avaialable letters in the list, you can click the shuffle button to rearrange the tiles and this may help you locate additional words.

Enter - Click this to submit the word you have made or else press the Enter key on your keyboard.

Clear - Click this to return all letters to the available list.

Quit - Quits the game

Help - Brings up this screen

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