Diane and Sylvia Sing B&B
filks from back in the day
  1. Intro
  2. Come to Winterfest
  3. Oh Do You Remember a Place Down Below
  4. One Beast
  5. Vincent (classic Trek theme)
  6. Where is Vincent?
  7. I've Got a Crush on Vincent
  8. The Pipes are Ringing
  9. I Hear Vincent and There's No One There
  10. Classical B&B
  11. Oh Couldn't I Be Catherine?
  12. This is Vincent!
  13. Into the Tunnels
  14. I Love My Vincent
  15. A Beast to Watch Over Me
  16. On  Catherine's Balcony
  17. Come to Tunnelfest (reprise)
If these are seeming a little familiar, it's because we posted the lyrics in 2010, along with Vicky's renditions of some of the songs. If you click through, be sure to hit your back button to come back to this year's Winterfest.

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