If the tunnel children are not above pulling Father’s leg with some of their questions, Father feels free to teach them a few things proposing questions with a twist.

Q: The tallow obtained by burning 10 candles will produce one extra candle.  If you burn 1000 candles, how many extra candles, in total, could you make?



No peeking yet.





A: 111.  You get 100 candles from the tallow of the original 1000, plus 10 more from the tallow of the 100 candles, plus one more from the tallow of the ten.


Q: Sebastian, the famous magician, was bragging about his marksmanship.  He claimed to be able to hang up his hat, walk 50 meters blindfolded, then turn and shoot a bullet right through his hat.  Since he can not see through the blindfold, how did he manage this feat of marksmanship?





Figured it out already, have you?




A: He hung the hat on the end of the gun.


Q:Jamie has a bow and 60 arrows.  If Jamie shoots the first arrow at exactly noon and continues to shoot one arrow every minute thereafter, at what time will she run out of arrows?




Take your time…..





A: 12:59


Q: How many cubic meters of dirt are in a hole 6 meters long, 2 meters wide and one meter deep?






Wait for it…..




A: None.


Q:  Mary is babysitting ten children.  She has a jar with only 10 crackers in it.  All the children want to have a cracker but they also want Mary to leave one cracker in the jar.  Without “cracking” herself, how is Mary able to give each child a cracker and still leave one in the jar?



Ask William for another cookie from the pantry????.....




A: Mary simple gave nine of the children a cracker and the 10th child received the jar with the last cookie in it.


Q: After apologizing to Zack, Father proposed this problem.  Kipper can never tell a lie.  Zack can never tell the truth.  One of them said, “The other one said he is Zack.” Which one said that?




Untangled it yet or did you give up?





A:  It was Zack.  Since Zack can never tell the truth, Kipper couldn’t have said “The other one said he is Zack” since this would be a true statement about a true statement made by Zack.

If any of the answers to the problems proposed are wrong, talk to Father.
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