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Daily Challenges

Welcome to the Daily Challenges! Each day there will be just one literary form, BUT you must choose a BATB episode as your subject to write about. As long as you use the day's selected format, you may write about anything from that episode (a character, a scene, a what-if, etc).
Please remember to start your poem with the selected episode's title.
Click here for a list of episode titles in case you need some reminding.

DateThe Challenge
 2/1/2014 ABC Poem
 2/2/2014 The Five "W"s
 2/3/2014 Haiku
 2/4/2014 Acrostic Poems
 2/5/2014 Diamante
 2/6/2014 Free Form
 2/7/2014 Cinquain
 2/8/2014 Limerick
 2/9/2014 List Poem