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Put your thinking cap on and write us a poem about today's topic. Ready, set, go!

The Challenge: Free Form

Today's challenge topic is:  A B&B Episode of your choice

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Zara Wilder     2/6/2014 10:08:17 PM
A Time To Heal

the world became a shoveled grave
in that eternal sunstruck moment
I heard the icy words

an explosion sank a ship
the Compass Rose
burned down to her waterline

received from a good man's lips
bad news terrible knowledge
Mouse said you were there

my god my god my god
no word
no sign

three days since
four nights later
our ever after is no more

the sound of the water
drew me inward
toward your depths

I looked for you there
listened with all my heart
expected to hear silence

the fear my son the fear
ringing like the antisound
left behind after bombs fall

yet underneath and all around
liquid watersong gushed
flowed heartward and hushed sweetly

I named my losses each and each
doubted every choice
everything made or unmade

my nearest haunted me
my dearest
all taken and all gone

sons sundered sun gone
daughter torn away too soon
grandson unnamed held captive

is love meant to leave us
alone and so barren god
were all my dreams a waste

yet deep beneath and high above
the pregnant sound shushed
a breath of light rushed meekly

when you were newborn
I could hold all of you
my son in one cupped hand

I knew I held our world
in you in us
god how I trembled

beloved you gave me life
after death after hope
after never never never

oh how you have lived
and how you have loved
how you have dreamed and dared

the stream whispers your name
come home
come soon

and father I hear
your voice soft as rain
reborn out of ash out of hail

still standing still breathing
skybeaten fireblushed
your heartsong uncrushed completely

my aged span of wings
cannot encompass your possibilities
let nothing stop you son nothing

Brooke Summerlin     2/6/2014 9:32:16 PM
I saw a man, standing
His hand resting gently against the cold stone
red, cracked, bricks
His face, enigmatic
His eyes, blue as hope
And just as free

Lara B     2/6/2014 9:18:07 PM
Sticks and Stones:

Lovely and silent spreading her wihgs
A girl grew up in the Tunnels
Under Vincent's tutelage to speak her mind
Ready for the future
Away from Below's Candlelit tunnels

A young man, whom she thinks is part of a gang
Nice and dreaming of a future with her
Does he have a secret, who is he really?

Just waiting to tell her he can hear
Everything her heart holds and more
Right at her side until she
Runs away, giving herself time to think of
Yesterday and what her Tomorrows could bring

underthepark     2/6/2014 3:15:43 PM
When the Bluebird sings

Long time ago
in the mid' of a night
the temperature low
was a drama in sight.

Alone in the street
it was cold in this night
not a soul he could meet
he went into the light.

In this moment so dark
just the body had died
very close to a park
lost this world a delight.

Out of ashes he rose
just a spirit, but free
our loss was so close
for the world - you and me.

Oscar Wilde     2/6/2014 3:07:19 PM
When the Bluebird sings

We shall lay our hands upon the basilisk,
and see the jewel in the toad's head.
Champing his gilded oats,
the Hippogriff will stand in our stalls,
and over our heads will float the Blue Bird
singing of beautiful and impossible things,
of things that are lovely and that never happen, of things that are not and that should be.

T'Mara     2/6/2014 2:47:50 PM
God Bless the Child

Her youth exploited
her life destroyed
bearing a fatherless child
no hope for a future
living on the streets

Home and warmth in the tunnels
acceptance and welcome
no judgment about her past
friendship and kindness
hope and a future for her and her child

Marianne "Lioness" Nielsen     2/6/2014 1:53:16 PM
Acrostic poem, dedicated to Vincent. Title; "GENTLE SOUL".

Gosh...he's sexy as heck, our Mane Man!
Eloquent, elegant, sauntering thru tunnels.
Nurturing, too, with a kind soul.
The eyes, like azure, are so bright!
Lying on his huge bed, he dreams of
Endless, deep love for his beautiful lady!

Softly, he whispers her name, Catherine,
Over and over again.
Under his warm plaid, things are happening...
Love for his lady doeen't go un-noticed.

Edith     2/6/2014 12:27:50 PM
Beauty and the Beast,
Such a beautiful story.
Such a beautiful sound,
For us to feast.

The beauty of it all,
The beauty of their love.
The wonder of the story,
That we can befall.

Marianne "Lioness" Nielsen     2/6/2014 12:03:53 PM
Acrostic poem, "Lava And Rose", EDITED! Please keep THIS one!

Love poems, candles, comfort.
Always there for Catherine:
Vincent is her sexy protector,
Arms are holding her gently, safe from harm!

Azure, is the color of her lover's eyes,
Now, they gaze into her emerald eyes,
Dreaming of a gentle joining.

Reaching deep into each other's souls,
Our couple melts together in a warm embrace.
"Shakespeare knew everything", Vincent once wrote.
Eternal love is what we ALL dream of.

M.     2/6/2014 9:52:26 AM

One runs from town to town,home to home and fire
always seeking in althis time ,never finding his desire.
Never knew his heart will find if he rest where he runs from.
One runs through the tunnels high and deep .
Through the streets of the town unseen .on buildings steep.
Finding his hearts desire but peace comes as his brother comes home.
Now together they are building new bonds
Family ,Friends new members of theit worlds founds
a new level of cinfidence to all that come ,stay and BELIEVE in HOME

Marianne "Lioness" Nielsen     2/6/2014 9:42:10 AM
"Dancing Light".

Down here, in the Tunnels,
A Winterfest warms our souls.
Nurturing hugs, love, friendship,
Candle light, games, chats...
It's the ultimate party!!
Now, let's START DANCING, let's rejoice!
Get the "groove thang" on!

Love thy next Tunnel Dweller.
In these Tunnels, our society thrives.
Give hugs, give love, give gifts.
Happiness is all around!
This Winterfest truly ROCKS!

Marianne "Lioness" Nielsen     2/6/2014 7:31:02 AM
Based on "Walk Slowly":

Little flame, tender and bright,.
Light up my chamber in this devastating night.
I have lost my most precious love,
My dear, beautiful Catherine from Above.
She, at least, shall feel no more pain and fright.

JoAnn     2/6/2014 8:45:44 AM
In the dim light he prowled,
His cape on and cowled.
To Catherine's he went -
An evening well spent.
Now rock walls closed 'round.
He loved the pipes' sound.
Yet, heart beating wild,
His soul still beguiled,
He thought of Above,
Of accepting her love,
And turned to the door.
He'd give her much more!
Once back in her sight,
He'd go toward the light
Of her love and her care.
Let day find him there -
A Romeo for
The Rose, love its core,
And passion fulfilled
Would never be stilled.
With doors open wide,
She bade him inside,
And all through the night
They shared their delight
In love come of age -
From poetry's page
To sweet ecstasy.
And now, blessed be,
They were fully one
In the day's dawning sun.

JoAnn     2/6/2014 8:42:29 AM
There once was a Mouse with blond hair
Whose cupboard was stuffed, SO not bare!
He had an entire
Workroom to inspire
His making his gizmos right there!

Rose M     2/6/2014 7:45:15 AM
Once Upon a Time in the City of New York

Reading aloud in carefully measured tones
Barely concealing the joy in her soul
Scarcely believing he was here
Reunited, the memory of separation fades
Bidding the retreating night to slow its progress
Lingering until the last star is dimmed
Two silent prayers nevermore to be parted
The first glimmer of their happily ever after

Cordi     2/6/2014 4:11:04 AM
Käfig der Qualen

Die Forschung immer Aussicht hält,
nach Dingen, die nicht kennt die Welt.
So traf es diesen braven Mann,
der garnichts für sein Aussehen kann.
Gefangen und gequält,
dem Tod geweiht in dieser fremden Welt.
Doch ihn zu quälen darf nicht sein,
die Frau der Liebe schreitet ein.
Auch Zweifel am Professor nagen,
Gewissensbisse die ihn plagen.
Versteckt sodann sein "Biest" Projekt,
bis Catherine ihn dann doch entdeckt.
Das Biest ist sicher und daheim,
und Schluss ist's jetzt mit diesem Reim.

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