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Daily Challenges

Put your thinking cap on and write us a poem about today's topic. Ready, set, go!

The Challenge: Haiku

Today's challenge topic is:  A B&B Episode of your choice

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Carole W     2/9/2014 10:18:40 AM
Once Upon a Time in the City of New York

Cold stars, night shadows
A too-still form in my arms
Hope jolts both our hearts

Cindy     2/4/2014 1:45:56 PM
Dead of Winter

Celebration Time!
"May I lead you through the dark?"
Her soft hand in his

Zanna     2/3/2014 8:31:16 PM
Chamber Music

Eyes watch her rain dance
Captivated by her play
Hands envy each drop.

Emily     2/3/2014 9:21:42 PM
A Fair and Perfect Knight

Weakness, a moment
In jealously yet in love
You, my other side

Edith     2/3/2014 4:11:59 PM
Vincent's voice is soft.
The sound of it makes me swoon.
It's lovely to hear.

Cordi     2/3/2014 2:20:01 PM
An fernen Ufern

Am schneeweißen Strand
ein Spaziergang Hand in Hand
Vincent und Catherine

Claire     2/3/2014 1:47:29 PM
N'oublie pas l'amour

Ma vie, effacée en rêve
Des lèvres douces
Ton poids au bord du lit

Claire     2/3/2014 1:42:32 PM
Remember Love:

My life erased in a dream
Soft lips
Your weight on my bed

Kindra     2/3/2014 1:18:29 PM
A Kingdom by the Sea

The prick of a thorn
His fervent lips soothe the wound
Her eyes blaze with want

JoAnn     2/3/2014 1:20:18 PM
Dark Spirit

Fear overwhelms her,
Black magic infects her mind.
But love is stronger.

Kindra     2/3/2014 12:50:54 PM
Ashes Ashes

A bonfire blazes
Windblown ashes carrying
Love to a lost child

Judith N     2/3/2014 1:00:02 PM
Dead of Winter

Do you dance, Vincent?
Do you wish for more, Vincent?
Dance with me and see…

Judith N     2/3/2014 12:54:03 PM
Brothers – Charles

A man without love
a life without beauty seen
a bond made and kept

Judith N     2/3/2014 12:48:45 PM
When The Bluebird Sings

Where’s the storybook?
that sings of beautiful things
find it to find love

T'Mara     2/3/2014 12:22:32 PM
A Distant Shore

The whole continent
lying between the lovers
and yet their bond works

LauraG     2/3/2014 12:07:57 PM
Shades of Gray

Bright buzzing gizmos
She tumbled down his Mouse trap
And it was so neat.

bat.balien     2/3/2014 9:38:45 AM
The Watcher

Frightening moments
of being watched and threatened
dark and dangerous.

underthepark     2/3/2014 9:29:55 AM
When the Bluebird sings

A bluebirds free dream
of sparkling eyes and lovers
it was meant to be.

Dawn O.     2/3/2014 9:08:12 AM

Grieving in the night
He's drawn again to her side
To comfort in need

Mel     2/3/2014 8:52:46 AM
Dead of Winter

Candles of color
A tiny flame, beckening
To banish the dark

Rose M     2/3/2014 8:02:35 AM
A Gentle Rain

A sudden yearning
Each lilac laid down with care
A wish for someday. . .

Vicky     2/3/2014 7:02:13 AM
Labyrinths - Brian

A precious secret:
The meaning of family;
I'll try to teach dad.

Vicky     2/3/2014 6:26:31 AM
Siege - Catherine

What is this feeling,
That the thought of losing him
Makes all else worthless?

Vicky     2/3/2014 5:43:39 AM
Nor iron bars a cage

Living without her?
Such heartache, such agony...
Please, Catherine, stay...

Cordi     2/3/2014 5:56:52 AM
Ein Anfang und ein Ende

Hochzeit vor Jahren
kurz nur die gemeinsame Zeit
Vater und Margret.

Cordi     2/3/2014 5:54:55 AM
Song of Orpheus

Married in the past
short was their time together
Father and Margret

Zara Wilder     2/3/2014 1:16:33 AM

my only recourse
a man who can understand
'cause you loved her too

Cordi     2/3/2014 1:14:08 AM
Das Fest des Lichtes

Freunde, Musik, Tanz
der Raum voller Kerzenschein
es ist Winterfest.

Cordi - new try :)     2/3/2014 1:12:55 AM
Dead of Winter

Friends, music, dancing
the room filled with candlelight
it's Winterfest time

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