Title banner: Typewriter Poems

Vincent has decided to learn to type.

He's found some new poetry he wants to share, and he plans to leave the poems for Catherine on her balcony. Each must be perfect - perfectly chosen, perfectly typed, and on fine paper.
He must first practice.
His best efforts will be found tucked inside her volume of Shakespeare's sonnets,
but we can uncrumple his first tries and sneak a peek ...

Here's one.

Poem by Tyler Knott Gregson. tylerknott.com: "All this time, all this effort trying to prove that making islands of ourselves is the truest form of courage. All this time, all this effort wasted. Bravery is the staring into another set of eyes, the steady voice, the four words softly spoken: I belong to you.

** But, of course, poetry is not all that's to be found in Vincent's Chamber. **
Keep looking!


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