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Treasure Hunt

Good sleuthing! You found the treasure chest and opened it to adventure. You're about to embark on a journey through some of the online tunnels. Follow the clues, complete the tasks, and you'll soon arrive at the Treasure.

Have fun!!

The older children in the tunnels had noticed that Catherine hadn’t been to visit in almost three weeks. They knew she was sometimes busy and couldn’t be there; but for almost two weeks, Vincent hadn’t been to visit her, either.

Zach overheard Mary tell Father that Catherine had to be out of town on business, but neither she nor Father knew how long she would be gone. Kipper mentioned asking Vincent; but frankly, Vincent had been a little cranky lately, and nobody wanted to volunteer. They were getting worried that the couple might have had a big argument, and they didn’t want to lose Catherine any more than Vincent did.

When they heard a message on the pipes that Catherine would be there the next day, they were elated. They knew better than to get in Vincent’s way for long when she got to the tunnels, but they wanted to do something that would make both Vincent and Catherine happy; so they devised a plan. Their first order of business was to confer with William. He promised to help them out with food and everything they would need to store and serve it, then they went to Mary for help finding a basket and a blanket. They thought a picnic at the falls would be a nice welcome back for Catherine, and they were pretty sure Vincent wouldn’t mind getting her away from the home tunnels for a while.

Being teenagers, some of them with a romantic bent, a secluded picnic sounded perfect, but still being children, they couldn’t just leave it at that. The second half of the plan wasn’t quite as romantic. Vincent and Catherine were going to have to work for their picnic. The next morning, they picked up the things William had promised and started their trek to the falls . . . leaving the picnic supplies in various places along the way. They kept one of the riddles they had written, but left another one with each item in their picnic trail to tell the unsuspecting couple what they should look for next.

When Catherine arrived in the tunnels around lunchtime, the teen-agers greeted her, handed Vincent the first riddle, explained the game, and got out of their way.

For Vincent and Catherine, the treasure at the end of the journey was time together

. . . alone. For you, the treasure will be different, but your task will be the same.