The Art of Kathy Fidge ~ Zine Illustrator

B/W drawing, Vincent holding Catherine close, his hand in her hair
B/W profile of Vincent
B/W drawing of Father, somewhat younger than his series age
B/W drawing, C and V looking forward, Catherine behind Vincent, her arms around him, her cheek pressed to his temple


Kathy is an artist from the South Australian Tunnels, who found BatB - the episodes and a fandom family - in the early '90's. Her local group met often and organized its own Winterfest gatherings, and the memories still hold a special place in her heart. Fan fiction writers in her club needed illustrations for the stories they were writing, and Kathy, as she put it, thought she’d 'have a go'. Her drawings for BatB were her first – she’d never picked up a pencil before!

Kathy’s illustrations appeared in over a dozen fan zines, often in illustration of the lovely poetry of Glenys Walker. One of the first was the calendar diary, The Dream Lives On. The diary and many of the zines hosting Kathy’s illustrations may be borrowed from the Crystal Rose Lending Library, but - until today - only a very few drawings are viewable online.

Kathy intimates that once she retires, she might pick up the BatB drawing pencil again. We certainly hope so! Until then, WFOL is honored to present this fine gallery of art. Enjoy!

(When known, the title of the zine in which the art was originally featured is given.)

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