Challenge #3

The Prompts:
Vincent, a Trail of Rose Petals, a Secluded Cavern

A collage of images: Samantha, her chin propped in her hands, behind her, the empty Great Hall. There's a pair of well-worn ballet shoes in the foreground. Superimposed, stone columns, a string of lights, a scattering of pearls. At the bottom, a pale image of the NYC skyline. A tag that reads: Samantha, Ballet Shoes, The Great Hall

The Stories, using all three prompts:

Vincent, Rose Petals, A Secluded Cavern  ~  Lara Hoyle

Trailing Heart ~ Joanne Grier

Promises ~ Zara Wilder

Fragrant Memories  ~  JoAnn Baca

Love in the Tunnel ~ Alyssa G.

Jacob's Geburt/Jacob's Birth ~ Cordi (3S)

Challenge 3 ~ Laura Goist  (Art)

Challenge Wallpaper

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