Fragrant Memories

by JoAnn Baca


A trail of rose petals – their fragrance perfuming the secluded cavern – led in a sinuous line from the entry, meandering around the bed and finally cascading over the bedclothes. Crushed petals were scattered among those still looking as if they had just been plucked, their brilliant crimson color set off by the stark whiteness of the sheets. But it was the tangle of bedding that provided the most delicious perspective for him. The perfect order of pillows and comforters that had greeted him when he’d entered the chamber had been an enchantment…but nothing compared to the joys that had accompanied the jumbling of those layers.

Vincent stood at the foot of the massive four-poster bed, a languid smile on his unique mouth. He sighed deeply, contentedly. It had been…such a night - a night of passion, a night of exploration, a night of unimaginable delights. A night when the aroma of roses had blended with the scent of Catherine’s bare, pearlescent skin – an inextricable link imbedded forever in his sense memory.

“You…enjoyed your surprise?” The husky whisper intruded into his reflections, spoken low by the woman he adored, standing by his side. He turned to her just as she held out her palm and blew a handful of rose petals toward him; they floated around his head and shoulders for a moment, some settling into the tousled disorder of his golden mane. His smile turned upon her. He scooped up a rich crimson mass of petals and, holding them over her head, let them flutter down upon her. She looked up at him with a smile so full of tenderness and need….

Before the last one had fallen to the ground, she was in his arms again, crushing more rose petals upon the sheets. 



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