Challenge #2

The Prompts: Edie, a Baseball Bat, the Statue of Liberty

A collage of images using the three prompts of the challenge. Edie's face is the strongest image, and she stands with a baseball bat on her shoulder. Her image is from the shoulders up. On the left of the collage, the statue of Liberty holds the flame aloft. A grayed, transluscent image of the NYC skyline runs along the bottom of the collage. There's a overwash of color, blue green and coppery. There's an ornate label with the words: Edie, A Baseball Bat, The Statue of Liberty as the text.

The Submissions, using all three prompts:

Miracle Worker  ~  JoAnn Baca

The Mysterious Baseball Bat ~ Manuel Liermann

Summer Fantasy ~ Joanne Grier

Our Edie  ~  Zara Wilder

Ein Verkorkster Tag/Such a Bad Day  ~  Cordi

Treffen Mit Edie  ~  Jupiterauge

Edie ~ Laura Goist (Art)

Challenge Wallpaper

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