The Mysterious Baseball Bat

by Manuela Liermann


My name is Ireth, and this short story starts on one of those typical, chaotic days.

In the morning it was raining horribly. It was so strange that I couldn´t see the Statue of Liberty in the distance out of my office window. My mood was bad, really bad. I buried myself in my documents, hoping to forget this rainy day.

Suddenly I realized that Catherine stood beside me. I’ve been working with her side by side for six months, and I am happy to say that we have become really good friends. I gave her a big morning hug.

“Good morning, Cathy. Hope your morning was much better than mine.”

She smiled at me. But I also could see the typical wrinkle on her forehead.

“Not really, I have a big problem with a boy, and it’s keeping me awake.”

Now I had to roar with laughter. Cathy has a problem with a boy? I couldn´t believe it. She shared my laughter.

“Want a coffee?” She handed me one of those coffee-to-go-cups. The warm cup finally scared my bad mood away.

“Do you remember Eric? I found him some months ago, with his sister, in an orphanage and had the great fortune to host both in the care of our family Below.” (Yes, I know about the secret place Below, but this will be another story of mine.)

“And now, in a few days, he will celebrate his first birthday with the family; and they want to celebrate his birthday at Winterfest. Spontaneously, I had a great idea for a surprise. From his past, he has an old baseball bat from his grandpa. His grandpa played on the team at his school as a pitcher. This was long ago, and now the bat looks obsolete and old, but the bat gives Eric mojo. He has become a fan of the New York Yankees.”

“Ok, I understand the story, but what was your idea?”

“My idea was to have the old baseball bat signed by the pitcher from the Yankees. But I have no idea how to manage that idea.”

Now the wrinkle on her forehead was back, and it looked a little bit desperate. I understand her thinking, because it´s our way to give a little gift to the world Below. They give us so much safety in this sometimes cold world.

So we sat there thinking, and suddenly we heard someone coming; then Edie came around the corner.

“Mmhh, hey, girls. I think I can give you a little support for your surprise.”

“Can you?” Cathy and I looked at her, a little bit confused.

“Yes, I can.” She took a look around, but everyone was busy and ignored us girls.

“I have a good friend, an old friend who works for the Yankees, and he owes me a favor; so I will see what we can do for the little boy.”

Cathy glowed with happiness. “Edie, you astonish me again and again. This earns you a wonderful, delicious lunch”

A few days later, I found a letter on my desk. It was an invitation for Winterfest and Eric’s special birthday party.

Today Cathy picked me up, and we walked together through the tunnels until we saw the warm lights of the candles. Eric stood in the middle of the family and looked so happy. He nervously took his birthday gifts; and as he opened Cathy’s present, I think it was the first time in his young life that he was speechless. On his baseball bat was not only the signature of the pitcher. The whole team had signed the bat. We don’t know what Edie told her friend, but this was a touching moment for all of us.

The End


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