Little Swan

by Rebecca Reeves


She stands in the Great Hall
Humming the strains of “Swan Lake,”
Her worn ballet shoes become satin slippers,
Her tattered leotard, a tutu with feathers.
She waits for the entrance of the Prince
And tiptoes to meet him in “center stage,”
Where their pas de deux begins.

Samantha dances and dreams,
Her Siegfried as yet only a vision
Of a love unrequited. She searches,
But cannot find, the true love
She has wished for - it is only
Derek, another Tunnel child,
Dancing and leaping beside her.

Candlelight makes the shadows
Leap around the Great Hall as
She whirls and turns, now taking a pose
Before dashing off to another place.
Derek steps in time, lifting her, pausing
In tableaux and then placing her
Gently, delicately, on her toes.

So she dances, becoming ever
More confident, more assured,
Knowing only practice will ensure
That she will be a worthy Odette
When her very own Prince appears,
To dance with her alone, and sweep her
Away to a palace made of dreams.



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