Return to Great Hall
~Beauty and the Beast~
Wallpaper of the day 2013

Chan's art used with the permission of the chanproxy group.

On a black background, the phrase, Can I lead you through the dark?  is illustrated by what appears to be Vincent's hand outstretched to take Catherine's hand which hovers just over his. A group of lighted candles curve from the front left to the back left.  Winterfest
The view down the long table  where Father gives the traditional Winterfest introduction. However, in the foreground, blocking out Father is Arthur, sitting on the table holding a WF candle.  Mouse's head sticks out of the bottom right hand corner.  "Happy Winterfest from Arthur and me...Mouse.
A black banner crosses the center of the wallpaper horizontally with "Winterfest" between 2 lighted candles. Above and Below are scenes of WF.
A background of pink and cranberry shades with hearts and lips and curly q's.  Vincent's face in B&W is on the right and his name, Vincent, in the lower left.
A montage of people seen at Winterfest done in soft greens, peaches and golds. Winterfest.
A montage with Catherine's face on the left and an abstract city on the right with the spiral staircase in the lower right. "This is where the wealthy and the powerful rule.  This is her world, a world apart from mine...until the night our worlds collided.
A background of golds and rich browns, celebrating all that Winterfest means...Family, Good Cheer, Belonging, Tradition, Possibilities, Friends and Magic.
Images of write-ups and a script cover on a new show, BATB, with two snapshots of Vincent and Catherine with "Once Upon A Time" written lightly over the images.
A scattering of snowflakes across the top with "Winterfest" written across them.  Below a collection of scenes from the last dance sequence floating over the background.