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A little bit of whimsy ;-)

by Joan W.

It was a day just like any other in the Hall of Souls, business as usual. There were so many souls to be assigned to the thousands ready to be born, and working in the "Nursery" as they called it, was not an easy task.

Edgar's job at the Nursery was to match the souls to all of the babies to be born. He did so under the direct guidance of the angels, who were sometimes difficult to work with.

The archangel Ariel was particularly hard to get along with as he attempted to monitor the unrelenting quota of babies to be brought into the world. The Boss was adamant that things run smoothly and according to plan.

"Edgar, I need you to come over here!" Ariel boomed.

"What now?" 

"This child is special and different. Take a look." 

"Oh my!" Edgar gasped, seeing the small frail body curled inside of his mother's womb. 

"Yes, exactly!" 

"Does he have a deformity?" he asked. 

The archangel shook his radiant head. "No, he was created as he was designed to be. I was told there is only one in the world like him. You know what to do; search among the oldest souls. One such as he requires a regal soul that is strong and courageous." 

This was going to be a tough assignment, but he would do what he must for the sake of the child. 

Edgar searched the Hall and did not stop until he found an exquisite male soul for the precious baby about to be born. It was an ancient soul blessed with kindness, courage, strength, and nobility. A perfect match. 

The day of the child's birth had arrived, and He would place the baby's soul within him, just as the Breath of Life entered his tiny body. Edgar stood silently by and watched the birth and the soul melding occur. The woman struggled; the baby cried weakly as it emerged. It was small, premature, it’s breathing erratic. Edgar's heart sank as he realized that the baby's life hung in the balance. The mother was young, inexperienced; and worse than that, she was all alone. 

Several hours went by, but the mother did not feed or cuddle the crying infant as expected. Instead, she wrapped him in a ragged old blanket as tears gathered in her eyes, and she walked out the door. He knew that she was about to abandon her child. 

Edgar had broken all of the rules by staying with the mother and baby; but he had to do something, and willing to accept the consequences, called out for assistance. It was not long before help arrived. 

"Tell me, why are you still here?" Ariel questioned."You know that this is against the rules! You must not interfere!" 

"I know, but I don't want him to die," Edgar replied in a voice choked with emotion. 


She had miscarried only a few weeks ago. 

Standing on the bridge in the Whispering Gallery the woman's tears fell freely. Thoughts of jumping into the swirling Abyss below her feet had crossed her grieving mind. No one knew of this place, although she had been coming here for many months. Shakily she sat down on the old, rickety bridge, burying her face in her hands. Whispers and voices from Above echoed throughout the cavern. 


Had she heard correctly? Did someone say her name, or had she finally slipped into insanity? 

Again, her name reverberated off the rough walls of stone. "There is a baby who needs you to be his mother, but you must go to him now - if you hesitate, he will die. The little one is lying atop a pile of garbage in the alleyway just behind St. Vincent’s Hospital." 

She stood and heard the voice one last time before she ran out of the chamber toward the tunnel entrance. "Go quickly!" it said with absolute urgency. 


Months had passed by, and Edgar continued to ignore the rules by watching over the growing baby and his new mother. Joy and hope filled him anew every time he saw the infant called Vincent. 

Ariel joined Edgar reluctantly at first, but after a while seemed to cherish their visits to the mother and child as much as he did. 

"You know that his uniqueness may cause him to be lonely when he grows to be a man," Ariel mused, observing the baby as he gurgled sweetly at his mother. 

"I have thought about that. There is one very special female soul that I have been saving for a rare occasion like this. I think that they should be joined together in life." 

"Yes!" the smiling archangel heartily agreed, clapping Edgar on the back. 

A few years later a lovely female baby with a beautiful soul was born. Her parents named her Catherine. 

Much later on in life, providence would intervene once again when Vincent would meet his Catherine. 


One April night, as he sat on the bridge in the Whispering Gallery reading and listening to the voices filter down from Above, he heard someone call out his name. “Vincent!” the voice echoed throughout the cavern, “There is a young woman lying near the road in the Park. She is badly injured. Please go to her or she will die!” 

Heeding the strange voice from Above without question, he ran quickly. Finding Catherine, he saved her life. Vincent and Catherine fell deeply and irrevocably in love, two souls bonded eternally together by destiny. 

All of the angels in heaven and on earth rejoiced for their happiness, including Edgar and Ariel who continue to watch over them, and their children, to this very day.  

Art by Linn

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