The Tunnel World by Lynette Combs


This might have been a bitter place
devoid of comfort, joy or grace;
a cold and hopeless catacomb
where only broken dreamers roam;
as dark and hollow as a well,
or crypt, for those who in it dwell.

Instead there is a curious glow
that beckons, beckons us Below;
but less a light, perhaps, than just
the pull of fellowship and trust...
and magic, warming solid stone
where no one lives or dies alone.

And everywhere, a curious song
is heard to echo there along
the pipes that web the tunnel-walls.
The caverns are cathedral-halls
alight with candles and with love
concealed from the world Above...

Rest now.  I think you’ll soon forget
your troubles, if you haven’t yet.
And we’ll go on.  The way Below
seems ever darker, that I know;
a world of secrets, and of night.
Come meet the folk who make it bright.


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