Happy Ending by Lynette Combs. Graphic shows a candle sending up a rose makde of smoke.


The terrace overlooking Central Park
stands empty now, forever still and stark.
The only visitor that comes is night.
A luminary moon may rise up bright
and full on its appointed rounds, and yet --
there is no tall broad-shouldered silhouette
defined across those vacant windowpanes.
Upon this terrace, only silence reigns.

Within, no one awaits him any more.
No graceful wraith stands by that terrace door
to listen for his footstep just outside,
and so unlock the door and throw it wide...
The rooms she left behind are pale and still;
and echo, as all empty places will.
The bed in which she often tossed and turned,
and wept with longing for him then, and burned
with unrequited love, is cold as dreams.

But wait!  This story isn’t what it seems.
The truth is that she went Below one night,
where he was also burning, burning bright.
Together then, they made a light that came
to put the very candles there to shame...
And having (at long last) known all his love,
she would not leave for all the world, Above!



Lynette Combs is a master of much! She authored poems, short stories and novellas, equisitely illustrated her own and others' stories (see Volume 10 of the Overtures series, in this year's First Time Online as example), and created and edited several outstanding anthology zines (such as Buns N Roses and the O Sweetest Song series). Her stories are memorable; once read they will be re-read - they're that good. (Try to forget Love Has Come of Age or the Promises To Keep zine series – it's not happening!) A selection of her work is online and the Crystal Rose Lending Library has ten of Lynette's zines in the collection, available for borrowing.

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