Tony and Catherine, postcard with their names written on it

by JoAnn Baca and Neferu




postcard reading: Hi from Chicago Hiya, Lady!

Remember Me?! How could you forget your Favorite Gypsy! I’m back in Chicago for a while, doing some Legal stuff, so thought I’d write to you – to show you I’m learning! Told You I was Smart!

Tony Ramos



postcard of the Statue of Liberty and New York HarborDearest Tony,

I was so glad to hear from you! How have you been? I'm very pleased to hear you're learning to write, but then I never doubted that you could. I always knew you were a very intelligent young man and could accomplish anything you set your mind to.

So, what are you doing in Chicago? Staying out of mischief, I hope! I look forward to hearing from you again soon.

Best Wishes, Catherine





comic postcard reading: Millions of books in Chicago's great Public Library. Shows a man leaving the library with a huge stack of books balanced before him


Hi, Catherine!

Well, Sarah, the Lady I’m staying with, she’s helping me with Spelling this and all. But She says I’m doing REAL Good! I asked her to get that Book you Read to me out of the Library. I liked the Story. I’VE got Satiable Curiosity too!





postcard of a drive-in restaurant in Chicago, reading Superdawg, Chicago, Illinois

P.S.  I forgot to Answer your other Question! My father had a business here and some Lawyer Grandpa got is Helping Me with the will and selling Stuff. It’s complicated. But I’m learning a lot. Maybe I should be a Lawyer. It doesn’t look that Hard, right? 




postcard of the Municipal area of NYC, courthouses, City Hall and the park outside those buildings


Dear Tony,

I'm glad things are going so well for you. I hope you don't mind, but I took the liberty of sharing your postcards with Vincent. He was equally pleased to hear from you. Recently, he heard from Maria that your grandfather, Milo, is feeling much better these days. No doubt having you back  has made him as happy as it made your grandmother, Eva. 

All my love,

P.S. I think you’d make an excellent lawyer! You’ve already got the ‘streetsmarts’ part down pat!



postcard of an amusement park at night - a Ferris wheel lit up and a carousel

Dear Miss Catherine (Sarah says I need to learn to write "formal" - sounds silly to me), Maybe you’ll give me advice on this Lawyer stuff, how to become one? Grandpa’s sending me to school once I’m better at reading – starting a new Gypsy tradition! Say hi to Vincent for me. He's pretty cool.

Very Sincerely yours (this is really dumb),


postcard of a crowded street full of yellow taxis, reading New York, New York - a drawing not an photograph


Dear Tony,

I think your friend Sarah has the right idea, especially if you are serious about becoming a lawyer. (You may have noticed I addressed this card to “Master Tony Ramos.”) Lawyers have to write quite formally as well as wearing a suit and tie when in court. But whatever you decide to pursue, I’m sure you will succeed.

Sincerest Regards,

P.S. It’s lucky we aren’t in England. Lawyers there wear long black robes and powdered wigs in court.



postcard of the Chicago waterfront, reading The Windy city, Chicago




Dear Miss Chandler,

No WAY am I wearing any wig or powder! Guys with toupees (had to look that word up!) look silly. 

Do me a favor? Ask Vincent if I can come see him. I'm coming Home next week!

VERY Truly yours,
Tony Ramos


not a postcard but a letter inside an envelope. The stationery is pulled slightly out and you can read Dear Master Ramos on it







Dear Master Ramos,

As you may notice, this is not your usual postcard from Catherine. I wanted to write to you myself, but a postcard was hardly large enough to contain my words. Thus, I am sending you this note.

Like Catherine, I, too, was overjoyed to hear you are doing well. You are growing into a fine young man and would make an excellent attorney. No doubt your parents would be as proud as your grandparents must be.

In regard to your visit, I would be honored. As it happens, I have a very special gift that awaits you upon your return. It is a candle. What is so special about a candle, you may ask? Well, you will just have to wait until you arrive to find out for yourself. Be well, Tony.  

With Sincerest Regards,


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